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Saturday, 15 December 2018


* urge supporters not to give up

If anyone thinks that ex Governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, who won the SDP Presidential ticket on a platter of gold and struggle, is going to fold his hands and watch it fritter away to Jerry Gana after the Federal High Court judgement, then the person has to sit back and do a re-think!

That is because Donald Duke is going to fight for justice and true nationhood as he insists that he will stand on the mandate as given to him by the delegates.

"I have always believed in a better Nigeria and that has not changed. The judgement of the Federal High Court concerning my candidacy as the flag bearer of the SDP is a microcosm of one of the biggest problems we have in Nigeria today," Said a livid Duke after the judgement.

He exclaimed further: "I put myself forward as a candidate during the SDP primaries, not on the basis of my tribal or religious affiliations, but on the basis of ability and that is what gave the delegates the confidence to vote for me. I won that election fairly and will fight to uphold that mandate!"

And how will he fight for his mandate? As a lawyer, a law abiding citizen and a democrat, the ex Governor says he believes in the law and in Justice

"Our legal team shall appeal the ruling and I am confident that we will be victorious. I am undeterred in my aspiration and want to encourage all those who support my quest not to give up hope. This is a battle and we will win the war."

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