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Sunday, 16 December 2018


Call him whatever you like, Charly Boy who is 67 in age, is just a happy, go lucky guy, that creatively knows that life is deep, never to be understood but enjoyed.

Or how do you see this? A rich man who asks his Princess to marry him by flaunting the possession of a tricycle, as one of his ultimate possessions, and takes her to the altar for a solemnization of wedding in same tricycle, when he could as well as commanded a choice limo for same assignment!

But that's Charly Boy for you, the crazier the feat, the more enticing and natural for him. And you ask, how has his American wife, a beautiful glamorous lady coped with him over the years! Charly Boy laughs and replies you, "I dont know! All i know is that, she is the only person I am a mumu for!" 

But I guess the truth of the matter is that Charly Boy and his wife Lady Di are just birds of the same feather and that is why they have flocked together all these years as man and wife, a successful marriage that have produced happy, successful children and grandchildren.

So, with that happiness and gratefulness to God who spared his life so many times, one of such being so recent when he was miraculously saved in a market in Abuja where he was about to be mobbed by a faceless crowd for hosting a protest which he believed in, Charly Boy on Saturday, in Abuja, capital city of Nigeria, took his wife Lady Di, to the church, for a'white wedding' after 40 years to declare once again his undying love for her!

Don't ask me what next he will do, because Chaly Boy can do anything! But his wife loves anything he does, and that's what matters! At least these photographs testifies to the amazing lovelife of these charming couple who have weathered the storm of many government struggles, PMAN struggle, Gbagada Landlady or landlord struggle and so many other struggles including the struggle of the governor that tried to hijack his illustrious father's burial for political gains! Of course, right there at the ceremony, Charly Boy refused and took a stand to the governor's annoyance!

And the wedding toast: To an outstanding couple who knows how to weather the storm of marriage and still find their individual lives and success!

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