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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Umo Bassey Eno: Focused. Calm. Steady. Smart And Diligent

By Kufre Carter

In Akwa Ibom State, despite earning the support of the Governor, Umo Eno has gone about his business like he's on his own.

Day by day, he goes on to seek the support of key stakeholders, King Makers in the State.

With all the hullabaloo going on in different camps ahead of the PDP Primaries, he's barely distracted.

There's no perfect being, and no one person is perfect for a job.

But Umo Eno is looking like he knows what he's doing.

He could be forgiven for resting on his oars having gained the Governor's support and endorsement.

But NO.

He still goes ahead to justify why he should get the top job.

He doesn't instigate his litany of supporters to violence.

He consistently pleads for calm and civility.

We're all Akwa Ibomites, he'll always say.

With decades of enterpreneural experience behind him, creating jobs and making wealth, he looks ready for the plum job.

His antecedents in the private sector stand for him.

He knows what it takes to improve the lives of Akwa Ibomites. He's been doing that for the last 25 years and counting.

I've heard him speak, in private and in public. You can feel the passion emitting from him.

Passion to help. Develop. Improve. Sustain.

He has a clear idea of what to do, and how to do it.

This is important.

The Hiltop Mansion isn't a place for fanfare, or emotions. 

Or for people with a nauseating sense of entitlement. 

It's for people who are humble and willing to work. Not for those who see it as a gift for a job well done in the past. 

Umo Eno deserves a chance. He's very much an Akwa Ibomite as we all are. 

He has managed to garner the support of King Makers in Akwa Ibom State. 

And even beyond. 

They all can't be wrong. 

Akwa Ibom deserves the best!

Pastor Umo Eno is the BEST

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