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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Fuel Scarcity: Senator Soji Akanbi worried as hardship persists

By Paul Ukpabio

Oyo state top politician, Senator Adesoji Akanbi has decried the persistent scarcity of fuel and other oil products in the country. The Senator said the importation of withdrawn adulterated fuel, led to scarcity, which has led into a spiral of effect in virtually every aspect of economic sector in the country, vis a vis hunger, suffering and hardship that has made life more and more unbearable.

The scarcity of petrol has forced the black market to thrive, as the price of diesel has also gone up:

“Most production activities in Nigeria depend on the price of crude oil and its related products,” said Senator Adesoji Akanbi, “so the effect is that we are presently having a higher inflation and a fast increase in the prices of goods and services, as the prices of fuel and diesel keep soaring upwards, and will at the end, affect our GDP, with companies laying off their staff while some others are closing down their production lines or simply closing down shop until things get better, because of the high inflation rate, and the higher cost of diesel which most small scale businesses solely depend on, to power their businesses.

"A more lasting solution to scarcity of fuel and diesel such as this,^ said Senator Akanbi, "is to have a functional refinery, which will also eliminate the cost of importation of the two products.*

Akanbi also spoke of “food inflation, which has reflected in virtually all consumable products and experts insisting that the inflation rate has risen, without any indication of coming down, forcing the rate of poverty in the land upwards, with an equally fast increasing unemployment rate. For most employed people, their wages cannot carry their consumption again and therefore it is unfortunate that most household find it hard to eat a three square meal daily.

“These are harsh realities that we are today facing, and as the world is presently witnessing the war in Ukraine, crude prices are already jerking up which means more hardship for the average Nigerian, since we import most of the petroleum products that we presently use. Petroleum products are too important for the government to look away from, as they influence all aspect of living. Motorists,
small and large scale industries depend on diesel generators to power their operations in the face of epileptic electricity supply. And so do homes as food preservation is now presently at zero level at household level. And the high cost of aviation fuel is almost grounding the airline business in the country, forcing cancellations of flights and stranded passengers’ at most Nigerian airports.

Akanbi noted that, while the government has definitely made a great impact in the development of infrastructure, but faced with hunger and hardship, people are not likely to value the infrastructure as they would be calling for food first, as the reality on ground is already showing.”

He suggested that the Nigerian Railway Corporation should reduce the train fares between the Lagos-ibadan railway corridors. Also that the NRC management, should increase the promised slot per day for daily travel from 10 to16, along the Lagos-ibadan corridor, in view of the increase in the number of people now using the railroad. The Okanlomo of Ibadanland, cautioned those who vandalize railway lines that they should to desist from such.

"We need the railroads to function, we need the railway system to function to its maximum capacity at this time. So I appeal to those vandalizing the railway lines to desist forthwith," Akanbi added."

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