Abisogun family of iruland celebrates with Oba Gbolahan Lawal, clears air on family history - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Abisogun family of iruland celebrates with Oba Gbolahan Lawal, clears air on family history

The Abisogun family has come out to rejoice with the choice of Oba Omogbolahan Lawal as the 15th Oniru of iru kingdom. The endorsement has come after the kingmakers and elders of Iruland selected the new Oba among the lists of princes who vied for the throne and the eventual presentation of the staff of office to the new Oniru by His Excellency the Governor of Lagos state.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, Adebiyi Abisogun, who hails from the Omowunmi branch of Abisogun family started by clearing the air on the family history. According to him, Orisayemi was a woman who had children but lost one. Her children today have their own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The family has the right to be crowned as the Oniru and the clan has been part of the ruling house and it is divided into four; Omowunmi, Ewunmi, Omisade and Oresanya. The Orisayemi family came out of the Omowunmi Family.

Speaking further, Adebiyi Abisogun expained that, “previously, this family used to be Chiefs, White Cap Chiefs in Lagos, Oniru was among the Olofin Clan called Dejo. It was approved by the government that the Chiefs could become king. The first person to be crowned king from the Abisogun family was the late Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, the former Oniru, who along with the new Oniru, are both from the same Orunbe Family. Orunbe gave birth to Akinogun, Ogunyemi and Abisogun and they all have rights to the Oniru throne.

Adebiyi Abisogun categorically declared that Oba Gbolahan Lawal is entitled to the throne. “He is the grandchild of Abisogun because you can claim both your mother and father’s family just like our father Dapo Tejuosho and many others. He is one of the grandsons of Akinogun; he is from the Ewumi Family. So nobody can say that HRM Omogbolahan is not entitled to the throne. He is rightfully entitled to the throne. He receives from the yearly owo-ile of the Iru Land even before he became King.
“My advice and plea to those grumbling is that we should all embrace the new Oba. Let us forget all the events of the past and collectively rejoice with HRM Omogbolahan. My prayer is that the King will live long on the throne; he wouldn’t reign in sickness; may his reign bring prosperity to the Land of Iru. Let us do this together because one hand cannot do it. May God help us all. He’s someone who listens to both young and old and he’s very approachable. God has given him to us, and He will give him the wisdom to rule us.”

Also lending his voice to the felicitation, Alhaji Chief Wasiu Ogunbambi, a White Cap Chief from the family of Omowunmi, Abisogun revealed that, “in the past, many of these families usually hide their children, not wanting them to be chiefs, so they picked anyone available. Abisogun was mostly available, so they made them chiefs. The father of the former Oniru, Late Oba Idowu Abiodun was a herbalist and they took abode in Iru Land. They mingled with our fathers. When there was vacancy in the Chieftaincy clan and there was no one available, they crowned the late Yusuf Abiodun and he spent 50 years before he died. He was always having court cases with the other ruling families but he won at the end.

After his demise, the elders met to pick another Chief. All those that were picked then like Ekundayo and others didn’t live long to be crowned Chiefs. The Palace was at Bar Beach then. They were advised to pick from one of the deceased Oba Yusuf to crown him. He had two kids, Idowu and Alaba. Within a week, they decided on picking Idowu. Even though some people protested then, he was crowned King. The late Chief spent 50 years on the throne.

Idowu was picked as a compensation for this. The Ogunyemi family was rightfully in turn but they had no children. So Idowu was picked. It is all these controversies that made people protest this time because they felt that Ogunyemi had sold their right. Idowu's father spent 50 years on the throne while he himself spent 35 years, which makes it 85 years in total. But God knows how to do His things and we will continue to be grateful to Him. Oba Omogbolahan is our son because he's from the Ewumi Family, the son of Abisogun from Igbosere; we are happy about it and we will support him,” he added.

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