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Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Photo credit: shutterstock
By Zoe Oluwabusayo

This is the festive season: where moods are naturally light and high and people look forward to the turn over to the new year to start over again on some very important aspects of their existence. It could be decision to start over in business, loss some excess weight, mend broken relationships etc. However, there is really no difference between the first of a new year and the last day of the eight month of the year, it just the meaning and significance that one attachs to those days that matters.

Time as measured by days and seasons is static; it does not change neither does it move. Seasons come and go, days do come and go to but time is static which is why the most crucial thing we can do with time is to make use of it
significantly and purposefully. How we perceive the concept of time is what makes the huge difference between an achiever and a mediocre.

An achiever does not wait for the turn of the New Year to start doing what would significantly impact his life and his business; he sets goals and objectives using time as a measuring rod to know when he has met those set goals and objectives.

A mediocre naturally does not really understand the concept of time. He thinks that the significance of  setting goals and objectives is tied majorly to the newness of the beginning of the year not knowing that it is all about perspectives and understanding of what time is. One can set goals at any time that he discovers that there is need to measure achievement and growth with development by some certain universal standard and criteria.
Some people use the beginning of the year to set goals and objectives for the incoming year which is not wrong but by no means limit what you have to do to the start of the New Year. As soon as you uncover that you need to do something of worth and importance, by all means go all out and achieve it. If you discover at the middle of the year that you need a new strategy for your business to optimize growth and development, just strategize and set the goals to reach that objective and take decisive actions.

Learn to take action at whatever time of the year you find out that there is need for a new start. Start your weight loss program as soon as you decide to start. Mend that relationship as soon as it strike your hear to reconcile with a loved one. Do not wait till the New Year because you never know what may happen if you delay in doing something that you have a strong instinct to do immediately.

More importantly, learn to write down your goals and objectives in diary that you regularly make use of. Achievers are writers; they document things, thoughts and actions. Do not just make the decision in your head; learn to put them down in prints where you will constantly see them and take action.

Likewise, chunk your goals in sizable plans and make sure you take action constantly.  Start with small steps and as you achieve one step go on to the next: also be very patient with your progress and learn to celebrate yourself as soon as you achieve a set goal.

It the coming of a new year, think big and start whatever you have in your heart to do with whatever you have in your hands. Learn to appreciate the baby steps you take as you make progress consistently.

Write down goals and objectives and be very faithful to the actions you plan to take regularly.



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