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Tuesday, 6 November 2018


To say that Bashorun J K Randle is writer in a class of his own, is to reiterate the obvious. No sooner that we drop each of his article and our blog views jump in astronomic numbers.

An acknowledged classic writer, today, we bring you some of the responses to his article RADICAL UNCERTAINTIES, which we published on the 25th day of Octiober, 2018:

Our most Distinguished PP. President (Bashorun) J K Randle (FCA),
I must thank you most sincerely for providing us this article in the ICAN yahoo professional forum. I also wish to thank for making your posts available in this platform.

I have read some portions your book is NOVEL or SATIRE entitled “GOD FATHER   NEVER SLEEP” . Please, SIR, if you authored this book ( I am not in any way doubting but for emphasis), I need to get a hard copy of this book for my library and keeps. In the event there are other PCs that may need the same, you may wish to place your orders but preserve until I get mine first and foremost). The reads of this book tells better about Bashorum J.K. Randle and the point I am trying to make here.

Bashorum’s authorship and its posting in this platform is a blessing to our generation and the distinguished professional colleagues in this forum. At least for the purposes of HISTORY and proper placing of the nation’s problems and challenges in context.

Eeer, let me try and see if I will be able to my thoughts and impressions about Bashorum J.K. Randle in proper perspective. Sir, you are created, born and have lived with MIDAS touch for everything you set your thoughts and hands on prospered. In the Accountancy profession, you conquered your world, rising through ranks to KPMG international in Nigeria. Sir, you are also Chief Marketing Officer extra-ordinary – this trait contributed to your headship of KPMG in Nigeria and I have personally met you doing marketing rounds for JK Randle Professional Services in Abuja not too long ago. So I know what I am saying. In the ICAN hierarchy, you soared as the Oak you are to become the President of the Institute.

Above all of this, I have personally noticed that you probably would have generated or attracted more fame to your person had it been you opted for scholarship in literary writing world. You probably would have a Professor of Literature in English of the likes and substance of Soyinka and Achebe on one hand. But much more, you probably would have received the noble price for literature before Professor Soyinka. I do not know what the Nobel Prize Committee in Norway reads and how they gather data used in drawing their conclusions for nominations and selection of the Awardees. Someone should let the Noble Prize Committee to know this. For me, the little that I have read from the book GOD FATHER NEVER SLEEP and this Article on the State of the Nigerian Nation is more than eligible to earn you Noble Prize for Literature. I salute you.

Turning to Nigeria’s Public Finances, Fiscal Space and the Macroeconomic management, the points the IMF / World Bank raised concerning Nigeria’s public finances are duly contained in about five researched journal articles I published between July 2017 and July 2018. To reach each of these five publications, just google CE Alozie in the google search engine these papers will surface – they are must reads. In addition, I have successfully defended a thesis entitled “Predicting financial distress on government financial performance in Nigeria’s federal treasury. This thesis will be made available to members in due course or in the ICAN library because I obtained ICAN’s research grant subsidy for the study. Aside these, my research on theme “Fund accounting (government funds) and government financial reporting, rendered in two different research papers have confirmed (not indicated) that accounting for public funds in sovereign entities (including that of Nigeria) are in most cases wrong in principle and also accurate and unreliable. Take for instance, capital development fund in the liability side of the FGN’s  Balance sheet is misplaced – particularly which the representative Fixed capital assets were not represented any-where in published annual financial statements. I have initiated the advocacy with the IFAC and World Bank to develop and implement accounting standards on government funds accountings system without which the much mouthed IPSASs implementation may remain charade because many countries in the world publish illusionary fiscal position and asymmetric financial statements. My dear PCs you can image the magnitude of our societal challenges when we factor the fund accounting aspect to the Bashorun’s article.

Thank you and good morning
Alozie Christopher (FCA)

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