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Friday, 16 March 2018


* Revealed, how assassination plotters planned to implicate the Manna Publisher with the intended crime

The Publisher and Author of our Daily Manna and General Overseer of MANNA INTERDENOMINATIONAL PRAYER MOUNTAINS WORLDWIDE, Bishop (Dr) Chris KWAKPOVWE is not a man that is strange to troubles, enemies and purported scandals, as another shocker blew up few days ago.

We hear that, at an enlarged meeting of hundreds of the ministry workers last Sunday called by the legal department, the workers were all briefed on how the Bishop was approached few weeks ago by a prominent lady in the ministry, name withheld owing to ongoing police investigations and for security reasons.
“The highly respected lady divulged an attempt to assassinate the Assistant General Overseer (AGO) and wife of the ODM Publisher. Narrating the incident, the lady who incidentally heads a crucial department in the Manna Prayer Mountain ministry, disclosed the plot to the Bishop. According to her, few months ago, one of the key and prominent Pastors  (name withheld) made a shocking revelation to her about an attempt to assassinate the AGO. In his confession, he revealed the aim of the clandestine plan was for him and his collaborators to take over the affairs of the ministry after Implicating the Bishop in the crime. If they had succeeded, the aftermath of their plot was to ensure the BISHOP is locked up and kept away in gaol (prison custody) while they take reins of his ministry.”

“As soon as the bishop got wind of the plot he switched to actions by immediately convening a meeting of all the ministry elders and pastors and he also alerted his inlaws who were also in attendance. It was at the enlarged meeting, the lady disclosed to the bewildered audience how the suspect lamented about their past attempts to scandalize the ODM publisher, which failed to yield the expected results. His complaint was that the bishop has always escaped and seemed to prosper more. It was then he confided in her about what he referred to as "THE MOTHER OF ALL SCANDALS" from which he bragged, the Bishop could not escape. That scandal would be assassinating the Bishop's wife and making it appear he (Bishop) was the masterminder!”

“This same disgruntled pastor according to the lady has also been tracking the bishop's Son via his Facebook page. She at a time called the bishop's son and advised him to pull down his Facebook page immediately. This was corroborated by the young man who confirmed that he was actually warned by the lady months ago concerning his Facebook page.”

Also the previous kidnap of this ODM Publisher's Son few years ago, his miraculous escape and this threat to life confession concerning his wife have caused the bishop to be on his guard this time by taking this matter seriously. The police at Ogudu Area H were called in and the suspect along with the lady has been picked up for further interrogation. The prime suspect had been directed to write an undertaking to endure the safety of the lives of all concerned.”

“The ministry is in shock but grateful to God that He is EXPOSING the hidden secrets and PLOTS behind most of the BATTLES and attempts to tanish the image of this revered BISHOP. Indeed, a man's enemies are those of his own house.”
The case is said to still be under investigation.
A top official of the church said. 

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