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Saturday, 17 March 2018


Pix shows far left, the Chairman Chuks Opara and wife and on the far right, the CEO Ambassador Roy Okhidievbie, wife and others before the unveiling of the logo

For top security company popularly known as August Eye Security, March 15th is a special day. And this years' March 15th, will remain a memorable day for the management, staff, friends and well-wishers of the top security company.

That’s because, it was time to celebrate on many fronts. After ten years in business, August Eye Security has grown in strength and size.

So the Lagos based firm Thursday afternoon, rolled out the drums, to celebrate in a colourful ceremony that saw the Chief Executive Officer of the company ex-soldier man Ambassador Roy Okhidievbie and the Chairman of the company Chuks Opara, in a double birthday celebration.
The new logo
The CEO, Ambassador Roy Okhidievbie at the event, told the story of how he met Chuks Opara before the birth of the company, he found out that they were both born on March 15th and their wives having the same name Uzo and both being light complexion, young beautiful ladies!

For him, the coincidence was too strong to ignore. So on this particularly March 15th, Ambassador Roy as he is fondly called, thanked God because the mutual respect they have had over the years for each other and their religious affiliation, led to a business relationship, that has weathered and stood the test of time. An elated Ambassador Roy cut the birthday cake along with his company Chairman, Chuks Opara and their wives.

The Chairman and wife, CEO and wife, serenaded by staff, friends and well-wishers
But that was just one of the celebrations. Earlier at the event, Ambassador Roy was bestowed with a leadership award by a youth body that has been watching his general leadership contributions to the society over the years. So after reading his long citation that informed the August guests of Ambassador Roy's 15 years sojourn in the Nigerian Army, the young engineer went straight to establish a security company that has carved a niche for itself and brought good security services to the people. The youth body, formerly welcomed him into their group and handed him a gift.

But the joy of the day was not complete until the company unveiled its new logo for its new subsidiary companies being August Eye Co-operative and August Eye HR-Outsourcing. The beautiful logo, partly coffee coloured, is rich and inspirational according to the CEO Ambassador Roy. The CEO stressed professionalism and dynamism as the concept that has led to innovative service delivery and success of August Eye.

Ambassador Roy said the occasion was also an opportunity for him to give gifts of gratitude. So, he along with his wife, presented a gift to the Chairman of the company Chuks Opara. He also presented a musical drum set, to Christ Embassy, a church where he fellowships and one that he acknowledged has had a great impact in his life and that of August Eye Security, the flagship of his business.

Present at the event, were personnel of Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Air Force Service, ex- service men, business people, members of Christ Embassy and others.

Food flowed freely, and so did choice drinks.

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