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Monday 18 September 2023

Tinubu will remove all the bottlenecks for investors to come in - Chief Sanjay Jain

By Paul Ukpabio

Chief Sanjay Jain, was in India for the G20 summit in New Delhi. We spoke to him about his experience at the summit.

Sanjay who has lived in Nigeria for decades and a Chief in Yoruba land, disclosed to reporters in Lagos that the G20 summit was indeed a great experience.

"Yes, I was at the G20 summit in New Delhi and it was a great experience - never before in life and the way it was organized it appeared that there is a big wedding taking place. The whole Delhi was decorated nicely, all the 5 star hotels and high end event centres were blocked for this G20 summit. There was a big meeting place which was constructed at the PRAGATI MAIDAN called Bharat Mandapam for all the world leaders to come there and have meetings and decide about the future course of action from the G20 summit.

"There were several meetings with the Nigerian delegation also including the President, His Excellency, Bola Tinubu. I must say that Mr. Bola Tinubu, the Asiwaju is highly, highly positive and in his own words - he said that he will remove all the bottlenecks for the investors as they are coming to Nigeria to invest and create the job opportunities and contribute towards the economy of Nigeria.

"Almost everybody present were amazed by his positive attitude and high hopes were created by him by giving his speech in right perspective and lots of positivity was created and because of that 14 billion dollars investments were committed by various businessmen.

"Apart from that, everyone was impressed with the Indian economy and the way India has organized this G20 event and you all must be aware that G20 has decided to include African Union and now it will become G21. The attempt was made by His Excellency Bola Tinubu and other African leaders. It is going to be a welcome step that the African Union has been given place thereby the whole of Africa is being represented in the G20 and it will allow them for taking up the serious matters concerning each and everyone at that table.

Sanjay Jain told us why he was in India at this particular time for the Summit. 

"Apart from top government officials, many top CEO’s of top companies were also invited along with Heads of State, Ministers, Senior Officers from various ministries for this G20 summit in Delhi and I was also one of them. So I accepted the invitation and I visited. I must say that this is once in a lifetime opportunity and all the people whoever were present were very happy to have attended this G20 summit.

Sanjay Jain went further to tell about the new relationship between President Bola Tinubu met with Prime Minister Modi of India. 

"Well, what i can say is that it is a new dawn in the relationship between Nigeria and India. Definitely, President Bola Tinubu who is the president of the most populous country in Africa met Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India which is the most populous country in the World. This is going to bring lots of positivity between the relationship of the 2 countries which already is excellent and very good for now. There will be lots of possibilities which will get opened up now for both the countries like India is importing a lot of things including the oil from Nigeria whereas Nigeria is importing a lot of things including the agricultural equipment, chemicals and pharmaceutical products from India, so because of this new relationship, which is going to boost the confidence of the business community and investors from both sides, there shall be increase in trade and business activities among the 2 countries. The diplomatic relationship between India and Nigeria has always been excellent which I have already mentioned and even today, the relationship is very good and cordial but definitely when the 2 leaders from the respective countries meet each other, many other things come into existence and create lots of positivity and boost lots of trade and business among the countries. Yes, that may be termed as a new dawn in the relationship between Nigeria and India."

As a regular visitor to India from Nigeria, Sanjay Jain also mentioned that New Delhi lit up with decorations, and the top leaders from the world’s top countries were there. 

"Each and everything was highly, professionally decorated, constructed and installed. Roads were decorated too, hotels were decorated too, there was no place which was not decorated with the G20 sign boards and many other good decorative materials. People were very happy, there were good arrangements of security, good arrangements for stay, good arrangements for food, good arrangements for transporting from one place to another place. You name anything, it was there. Everything was par excellence. There was no complaint at all. I must say that I have read the reactions given by the top leaders of the world and they all were praising Modi and India for hosting this G20 in highly professional manner and I must say that everybody was satisfied and at the same time very happy. Brazil where the next convention is going to take place has already told that India has taken the bar to such a high level that it will be very difficult for them to even match the same."

You also met with Nigeria's Minister of Trade and Investment
 "Yes, I met many of the ministers there in the President’s entourage and definitely yes, I also met the Minister of Trade and Investment. The lady is dynamic, looks very active and agile and the way she presented herself - looks like she’s a highly educated and professional person. The way she interacted with us was awesome and she even told that anytime you people have any work, just walk in and that kind of assurances, that kind of confidence given to us for solving the problems related to her ministry has again boosted the confidence of the people who have already invested in Nigeria. I feel that this lady will go a long way in Tinubu’s cabinet and she will definitely rise to another senior position," he added

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