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Saturday 23 September 2023



The rhythm of ARISE Agenda has continued to reverberate through all nooks and crannies of Akwa Ibom State in louder decibel with the return of Comrade Ini Ememobong atop the Information machinery of Akwa Ibom State Government. 

Onlookers and passers-by need no introduction of Comrade Ini Ememobong as the oracle of the Governor Umo Eno-led administration since his entire frame is daily adorned with inscriptions of the ARISE logo and emblem from his unique "papa's cap" to his Comradeship sewn shirts. At a glance, one can spot out the Commissioner for Information in a crowd. He wears, walks and talks ARISE Agenda.

On Friday, July 28th July, barely a day after being sworn-into office as Member of the State Executive Council, soon after the inaugural meeting of the newly constituted State Executive Council, Comrade Ini Ememobong had to brief the Government House Correspondents where he hammered on the ARISE Agenda.

Ememobong at that occasion urged the Pressmen to tune their minds and re-direct their reportage to align with the ARISE Agenda of the Governor Umo Eno-led administration which he affirmed to be fully on ground and unfolding by the day.  

The State Information helmsman thereafter went on to announce the resolutions of the State EXCO to the government House Correspondents which anchored on the expectation of the Governor to see how all members of the State Executive Council will implement the ARISE Agenda through their different Ministerial responsibilities.

Comrade Ememobong emphasized that, Governor Umo Eno had stressed that all government activities must have a human face as the administration is out to work for the development of the people and therefore must do all to  attract the peoples' buy-in and goodwill.

As the ageold nitingale, Ememobong had to sing the melodious tunes of the dividends enunciated in the visionary baked economic blueprint- ARISE Agenda into the ears of the Pressmen for wide extension to the people of the State and indeed Nigeria as well as the global community.

Thence onward, the State Spokesman has not failed to pinpoint the passion and commitment of Governor Umo Eno towards catapulting  entrepreneurship, a critical pillar of the ARISE Agenda into a vital catalyst to shore-up the economic-base of the State through the development and promotion of budding entrepreneurs in the State.

He lifted high government's commitment to the development of entrepreneurship in the State, when he spoke as Special Guest at different fora in the State, including: the conference by "Young Women in Business" held at the Standards Organisation of Nigeria", SON, held at Banking Layout in Uyo, the state capital and also at the "Sensitization on Standardization and Quality Assurance of Products for Export" organized by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, SON at De-Castle Luxury Home Annex, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.

The tunes and rhythm of the ARISE Agenda has continued to rise as Comrade Ini Ememobong carries out the mandate of his portfolio on a daily basis. 

Back in the office, when Management staff of the Ministry gathered to welcome him following his reappointment, he practically tutored every Director on how to interprete the callings of their Directorate based on the Pillars of the ARISE Agenda and for the field Information Officers, he made them to know that, they are henceforth the Ambassadors of the ARISE Agenda in their respective Local Government Areas and MDAs.

In line with his evangelism on ARISE Agenda, the Commissioner for Information had to embark on visits to the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, the Correspondents Chapel of the NUJ and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, where he appreciated their collaboration with government over the years and solicited their support and partnership with the present administration towards the success of the ARISE Agenda. 

There's no doubt that, all immediate Constituencies of the Ministry of Information as well as friends and associates of Comrade Ini Ememobong are all in a mutual agreement to work towards effective delivery of ARISE Agenda In their different domains.

The College of past Commissioners and Political Heads of the Ministry of Information,  recently converged at the Ewet Housing Estate residence of one of theirs, Obong Rita Akpan, a former SSG and Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to sign on their support for the ARISE Agenda of the Pastor Umo Eno-led administration.

It was an occasion organized by the former Information Commissioners to welcome Comrade Ini Ememobong back to the Ministry of Information on his re-appointment. The former Information Commissioners present included: Chief Chris Abasieyo, Engr Ita Awak, Mr. Gordon Etop Idung and Architect Okon Nsa Bassey, among others.

Still in a bid to heighten the receptivity and acceptability of the ARISE Agenda, Comrade Ini Ememobong on Wednesday 13th September, 2023, gathered Government Information Managers for a Training on DESIGN THINKING.

The State Information helmsman stated that the training was part of measures toward effective dissemination and management of information on the ARISE Agenda blueprint of government.

The workshop which held in the Conference room of the  Ministry of Information at the Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat, Uyo, was facilitated by an Amsterdam-based Butterfly Works - Design Innovation Group.

The training exposed the Information managers on creative and innovative ways for the creation, dissemination and management of government information, policies and messages on the ARISE Agenda to the public to meet desired targets and with expected impact.

Moreso, Comrade Ini Ememobong has ensured that, the Ministry's Radio Programme, "Update Akwa Ibom", which runs on all Radio stations in the State and on AKBC TV focuses the ARISE Agenda. Commissioners of different Ministries, Heads of MDAs as well as political bigwigs in the state and other stakeholders use the platform to x-ray the ARISE Agenda as it applies to their sectors.

Indeed, Comrade Ini Ememobong, has returned to Ministry of Information singing the tunes and walking the talk of the ARISE Agenda blueprint of Governor Umo Eno-led administration.


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