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Friday 10 March 2023

Akwa Ibom guber : Why Umo Eno will win

By Emmanuel Ndon

The 2023 election cycle will be completed next Saturday, March 18 with the governorship and House of Assembly polls. 

The stakes appear to be even higher for the gubernatorial poll than it was during presidential, understandably so because leadership at the state level is closer to the people. The bulk of the people reside in the state in the grassroots communities of our  local government areas and this is where good governance or otherwise is directly felt. 

This informs why political gladiators are upping their game  with alignments, realignments, intrigues and propagandas. 

There are stories of purported alliance between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Young Progressives Party (YPP)  but the strength of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by far outgrows these parties combined. 

But beyond the dominance and acceptability of the PDP, there are many other reasons to hand the governorship seat to the party. Although the February 25 presidential and National Assembly elections fell short of expectations, it is plausibly the yardstick to base the next round of polls. The PDP had a good outing in all the  three elections with landslide victory.
*Why Umo Eno will win*

1. APC does not have the goodwill of the people of AKwa Ibom State. 

Beyond the fact that the PDP is deeply rooted in the state, Akwa Ibom is predominantly a Christian state and her  people are averse to being associated with the APC that ran with a Muslim-Muslim ticket .

2. The Umo Eno phenomenon 

Pastor Umo Eno's antecedents is devoid of any baggage. He's a God-fearing, kindhearted man, who has no scores (politically) to settle with anyone. As such, he will simply concentrate on the task of governance - implementing his 5-point ARISE Agenda. 

The document is "ARISE" Akwa Ibom and is the roadmap upon which the future progress of the state is anchored. ARISE is an acronym which represents a select combination of the five-group aspiration and areas of interest intended to drive the new administration. They are :

*A* : Agricultural revolution, Tourism and Environmental Management 

*R* : Rural development, Women and Youth Empowerment 

*I* : Infrastructural maintenance and Advancement 

*S* : Security management, Sound Education and Health Sector management 

*E* : Economic, Industrial and Social Advancement. 

The 5-point Arise Agenda, according to Pastor Umo Eno, aims to "consolidate on the economic gains of previous administrations while expanding the frontiers of the state economy in the post-Covid era".

The document also highlights strategies and actions that will be deployed at the onset of the new administration in 2023 to sustain all existing economic recovery efforts.

The Umo Eno administration is coming with a vision to run "a vibrant, inclusive, diversified and highly industrialized economy with life-long opportunities that engender improved social welfare conditions and a more broadly-shared prosperity".

For a man with a cool mien, simple and unassuming personality, Pastor Umo Eno prefers to live a quiet life despite the many accomplishments to his credit. 

He has grown his Royalty Group from a small make-shift apartment  to an enviable height of a prestigious 5-Star hospitality outfit. While this endeavor provides luxury and comfort for the businessmen and  fun seekers, it has also provided employment for job seekers. In addition to this, Royalty Group over the years, has served as a veritable training ground for interns and students. 

Umo Eno may not appear in the traditional flamboyance of the rich and famous, he doesn't need to fly in a private jet yet he cuts the picture of an all round successful man. His character does his introduction at all times - he is simple, humble, charming and loving. 

Pastor Umo Eno is not an unknown quantity. His choice for the highest job in the state is by no  accidental. Even behind the scenes, Pastor Umo Eno has been close to the power structure in the state. He has been a king maker. For many years he was the political leader of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in his Nsit Ubium local government area  lending support to as many aspirants and candidates of the party. As a quiet achiever, he is sure to make an impact on the lives of people in the state. 

In terms of career and profession, Pastor Eno's prowess has been on full display at every opportunity. While serving as executive director (Agricultural Investment) Akwa Ibom Investment Corporation (AKICORP) he initiated and executed the first farmers’ enumeration in Akwa Ibom State. The exercise resulted in the creation of a farmers database for the state which provided a window to 
reach, manage, educate and support farmers. Ultimately, his efforts increased the partnership and involvement of investors in the 
Agricultural sector of the state. 

While on assignment as Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, Umo Eno, aware of the importance of housing and its deficiency, has started another housing estate, named Dakkada to cater for increasing housing demand in the state. He is also responsible for the amicable resolution of the issues which earlier hindered the Dakkada 
Luxury Estate development.
It is also to his credit that a monitoring and development control team was inaugurated to check 
Indiscriminate buildings across the state. 

Perhaps the most important on his achievement list as commissioner would be the 
the Accelerated Release of Certificate of Occupancy (C of Os) to private sector 
operators. This had been one  of the reasons why investors trying to get new businesses under way got  frustrated. Umo Eno also stamped his imprint on the tourism industry in Akwa Ibom State while he was chairman of Hotels and Tourism Board between 2004-2007. He brought to bear his mastery of the profession and industry of which he has bestrode for over two decades. But this is just a few. 

Such appetite to deliver is in the showcase of a good brand - capacity, competence, energy and proven track record combining to lay the foundation for quality service delivery. 

3. Uncertainties
around APC ticket 

Just few days to the election, APC in Akwa Ibom State has no candidate on the ballot. Either of Senator Ita Enang or Mr. Akan Udofia could become one. Wherever the pendulum swings, the APC is already a divided house. 

APC has been in a sorry state for a long time. The confusion over its leadership structure in the state saw the emergence of a factional chairman - and all the legal fireworks along with  conflicting  court pronouncements saw a front line member and gubernatorial aspirant, Udoedeghe defecting - all in an atrocious battle for the soul of the party.  
This latest debacle will certainly nail the coffin. 

As stated in my piece of January 22 this year, the APC "has witnessed the worst fragmentation ever known by a serious political unit. As constituted presently, the APC in Akwa Ibom State cannot afford to secure any favourable result in any electoral contest. Not only because they are a disjointed group but because their 'strong men' have all been working for personal glory. They are always in a class struggle - each trying to dominate, control and overpower others - especially if anyone feels he is closer to power than others."

As it stands, whoever gets the ticket, none of the factions will vote each other. However, feelers are that most people are not so favourably disposed to Akan Udofia's governorship. The fear, according to some analysts, is that Akan would be a stooge and may not be able to exercise his freedom. 

Another reason is that as a neophyte in political governance, his learning process might slow down the wheel of progress akin to President Buhari's first term. 

4. The peace factor 

Almost everyone believes that there's peace and tranquility since Udom Emmanuel took over in 2015 compared to the era before him where violence and kidnapping reigned. But for a few exceptions, the dominant candidates vying for governorship were key actors in the dark days described above. 

Akwa Ibom people truly crave for peace. They want to pursue their legitimate endeavours in an atmosphere of peace and this has been a serious talking point since the last elections. The PDP has been campaigning on this factor urging the electorate to "sustain the peace".


The strength of the PDP is too dominant and does not suggest any opposition whether in or outside alliance can dislodge. They are deeply rooted, solidly structured and widely accepted. This has been the trend since 1999.

The table can properly illustrate where and how the pattern will follow, and there will be very little or no difference.

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