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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Female Gospel Singer Gloria Doyle, Down With Kidney Illness

She has brought much joy to many with her sonorous voice that sings delightful gospel songs, but right now, Gloria Doyle is terribly ill, lying in hospital and afraid that she may not live longer.

The case of beautiful Gloria Doyle is getting more complicated in the sense that, when we spoke to her, Gloria’s usual confident voice was shaky and fear clouded it. That is because, the hospital where she presently is, just let her know that the case is almost hopeless unless she is ushered abroad for immediate better treatment.

We hear that beautiful Gloria Doyle who usually cuts the image of a happy personality with her usual fluffy hairstyle, has been suffering from gallstone bladder infection which has affected her right kidney, and may likely start eating deep into her second kidney any moment longer.
We also hear that initially, those who knew of her sickness did not want it blown out of proportion since Gloria Doyle herself, was able to cope with the financial stress of managing the illness. But when her purse started running dry, it became more sensible to call out for help.
Gloria it is now obvious, will be needing a helluva amount of money to see her through the treatment of this sickness in a foreign hospital abroad. Will she survive it? The answer now lies in the hands of her fellow country men and women who she now counts on, to come to her aid.

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