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Wednesday, 3 April 2019


Abuja based Constitution lawyer has said that hacking the computer server of the Independent National Electoral Commission, is as an act of terrorism.

Ajulo told the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Abuja that the provisions of cybercrime act 2015 recognised INEC sever as one of the Critical National Information Infrastructure.

Ajulo said that such an act of unlawful access to INEC sever amounted to a crime, moreso if such access is found out to have been done without an official permission and authorisation by INEC.

"INEC server contains sensitive information about the elections which comes within the definition of CNII," said Ajulo, and an “Unauthorised access of data in any country has a lot of implications and if allowed to go unchecked may herald a regime of lawlessness within the internet community. The activities of this group of people and the damage they may cause cannot be quantified. It is in recognition of the incalculable nature of the havoc which they may wreak on this nation that the cybercrime Act 2015 recommend life imprisonment as penalty for tampering with CNII of the country," said Ajulo.

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