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Saturday, 23 February 2019


Wow, I just moved around some parts of Lagos (5am-7am) and the outskirts of lagos-Ibadan on the Berger axis and the experience wasn't funny!

You have to have a heart to be out on the road this present moment because like it's said on the streets, "you are on your own!"

To start with, you can't move too far from one area to another because there are road blocks with fierce looking soldiers and policemen.

I sighted personnel of other law enforcement agencies who are all out there to maintain peace.

On the outskirts of lagos, Berger down to ibafo, the road is virtually empty! No vehicles except for a few strays who got on the road after Berger. Ofcourse, vehicles couldn't get past Berger, except they were on essential duties.

But for those who left Lagos as early as 5am, who made it to 'Asese' the town after ibafo, they were turned back!

Road block! After a while a luxury commercial bus from outside lagos appeared and was stopped. It became rowdy and everyone was ordered to return to wherever they were coming from!

The order was not mild and the wise ran away immediately, some leaving vehicles behind as they trekked back to ibafo the nearest town or just moved out of sight! It was too risky to be on the road!

So out there is peaceful but the message is, be around your immediate environment, where you are supposed to later cast your vote.

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