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Thursday, 7 February 2019



Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe (2nd right) with 'Team Lagos' that represented Lagos and the APC Gubernatorial candidate, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu

For thousands and hundreds of thousands of people that found their way to Tafawa Balewa Square, also known as the centre of Lagos, it was not surprising  that the heavens opened up and rained down spiritual blessings during the World Anointing Night service held by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe early this year.

The January 2019 World Anointing Night which was themed: “Story to Glory Night” took off on the 25th of January 2019 from 7.00 pm till dawn. The service was the grand finale of the 21-day fasting and prayer programme that preceded it.

Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe ODM (middle) with Mr Jimmy Agbaje PDP Gubernatorial candidate Lagos

Attendance, both nationally and internationally, was intimidating. The atmosphere was charged for many to receive their blessings from God. Every available space was occupied as the fields and gallery were all filled to the brim with worshippers. As is usually the norm, the service commenced with a series of  exhortation, eloquently delivered by the ministers of the Manna Prayer Mountain and ordained ministers of God from selected states and countries. The Manna Voices International Choir, as well as the Children Orchestra and other anointed guest artistes, further increased the spiritual tempo of the evening with their music ministration.

Rev Mrs Kwakpovwe with Dr Stella Okoli MD/CEO of Emzor Pharmaceutical Ltd

The atmosphere became heightened with the presence of the Holy Spirit as the General Overseer, Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe, was ushered to the podium. Suddenly, the spiritual atmosphere became even more acute as words of prophecy began to come forth from the servant of God!

Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe, in his usual, charismatic style of ministration, skilfully prepared the hearts and minds of thousands of worshippers to receive from God. His ministration was dynamic, accentuated with a strong measure of boldness and rare confidence, in expounding the indelible truths contained in the Word of God as the only path of Man to daily communication with God. The force of the rhema from the Word  spewing forth from the pulpit, drew many to a tearful conviction and deep hunger for a real encounter with the living God. People listened with rapt attention and grasped the truths in the Word in a way that they had never done before. They worshipped with grateful hearts and souls in animated response to a palpable understanding of the revealed Word of God .

Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe left no spiritual stone unturned in his avid exposition of the Scriptures. His passionate delivery was enriched with the presence of state of the art loudspeakers, with voice notes reverberating powerfully across the entire environs of Lagos Island. Television cameras were not left out as they captured the event accurately to the delight of millions of viewers across the world who tuned in through live streaming while one of the most sophisticated drones, captured the event from an aerial perspective.  Many souls were stirred up as he  read from

the Book of Isaiah in Chapter 49 Vs 11 which contained one of the numerous promises of God to His people:  "And I will make all My mountains a way, and My highways shall be exalted." Bishop Chris then interpreted and succintly turned this particular scripture into prophecy as led by the Holy Spirit- "You can say you are doing well and there are some battles. But God has sent me tonight, to tell you that this year, no power shall take what God has given to you or demote you. He will surprise you. Your prosperity and good health shall be exalted and finally, every conspiracy against you shall end up promoting you!"

Enthusiastic shouts of 'Amen' and "Halleluia,' rented the nocturnal air in response to such vibrant words of prophecy  and this was the norm throughout that night till dawn. Visible miracles and spontaneous  testimonies flowed unabated.  The overpowering presence of the Holy Spirit was ever so manifest as evidenced by the numerous healings and deliverances that took place as a result. The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong that many unbelievers were convicted and rushed out to give their lives to Christ, including a man who was to be initiated into cultism had he not come to the Tbs programme. Notable amongst the healing miracles were testimonies of deliverance from acute joint pain, liver issues, partial stroke.

Dignitaries present at the program included Mrs Oyindamola Ogunsanwo, a  representative of the wife of the Lagos State governor, Mrs Ambode, who delivered her goodwill message. Also present  was the Lagos State Gubernatorial candidate of the PDP, Mr. Jimi Agbaje; as well as Rev. Dr. Sam Ogedengbe, a representative of the APC Governorship aspirant, Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu. Others included  representatives of the Enugu State governor and the the Gubernatorial candidate of Adamawa State, Mr Emmanuel Bello (SDP). Additionally in attendance were eminent personalities and  ministers of God from USA, UK, Ghana, Zambia, Cameroun and other religious leaders from different parts of the world.

Mr. Jimi Agbaje, the Lagos State Gubernatorial candidate of the PDP, said he was happy to be at the World Anointing 'Story to Glory' night.  He gave a short exhortation based on the Book of Hosea Chapter 4 Vs 6 to drive home the need for Nigerians to be much more vocal on political issues affecting them and also  to fully exercise their civic rights by voting for the candidate of their choice during elections. Other politicians present at the service, called for prayers against insurgency, poverty, hardship amongst


The representative of the Lagos APC Gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Babjide Sanwoolu, gave a short exhortation based on the Book of John Chapter 10 Vs10 in which he stressed that the riches of the earth belonged to God's people.

The Bishop concluded the programme with a series of prophetic prayers intended to change lives for the better



I am a mother of 8 children (5 girls, 3 boys). I lost my second son and my husband died in 1995 on pilgrimage in Jerusalem. I became a widow saddled with the burden of training the children up to university level. With God’s providence, my seven children graduated but I still waited upon the Lord on some issues that had not yet been fulfilled. The girls were over 30yrs of age and were not married. In 2014 during the January World Anointing Night of " This Nonsense Must Stop", which I attended, I gave a seed offering believing God to do the rest. Bishop gave a prophetic word concerning a woman that was crying because of marital settlement for her daughters and I claimed it. Lo and behold, that same year, three of my daughters got married to distinguished men of God and were blessed with children. I was now going from one home to the other for “Omugwo"(looking after their newly born babies). God indeed turned my mockery to miracles. Praise be to the God of ODM.
Evil painful arrows were also shot at my right breast. I turned to the agreement page on WAR AGAINST HAMAN and laid it on the breast. Since that day,  the pain has disappeared. May God increase your anointing in Jesus name.


On this 21-day prayer/fasting programme, I slept with my wife around 3:00am and was struck in my dream by an enemy. My struggle manifested physically which woke my wife up. She battled to save me but to no avail. My mouth was shut and I couldn't breathe. My wife conveyed me to my son’s room after confirming that I was dead. She rushed and took the anointing oil we brought home after the 2018 anointing service at TBS. She then forced my locked lips open with a spoon to pour in the anointing oil. The moment the oil penetrated my throat, I sneezed three times and started breathing again. God is wonderful. I thank God for God’s anointing upon the man of God, Bishop Dr. Chris.


God used the ODM vision to deliver me from untimely death. Sometime ago, the man of God sent whatsapp prayers, some of which were  exactly what I saw in a dream. Sometimes my deliverance comes in the form of  dreams, with a physical confirmation just from reading Our Daily Manna. I thank God for His grace. Heaven at last!

I got married on the 8th of August 2018. Suddenly my life became fragmented into tiny pieces which made me weep everyday because nothing I did or said ever seemed right. My husband divorced me for no reason and made me penniless. When the case was finally judged in court, I was granted a huge alimony though I rejected it. I agreed with the theme of the World Anointing Night 2018 and told God to decorate me and prove that He is my God.
God gave me a teaching job and 3 months after, He decorated me again with a better, well paid job. Despite all the terrible lies told to people by my ex-husband to bring shame upon me, God clothed me with double honor. My case is now a question of choice among new suitors. Glory be to the God of ODM who is ever faithful and merciful.

SUZANN VER, LAGOS, 08023526439

In 2016, I went to Delta state for a job. After completion of the job and on the way to see my mother, I had a ghastly motor accident which broke my hand and made me lose my memory in addition to not being able to walk. I give God  glory for preserving my life and for my subsequent healing.

In 2012, I participated in the 21-day fasting and prayer programme and on the night of the 20th day of the fast, my wife bled to the extent that there was no more blood in her. I called her brother to come and take her to the hospital but before he arrived, my wife vomited and her tongue twisted while her black pupils turned white. I prayed seriously with the prayer points during the fasting program and the God of ODM showed up for me and her life was revived.  We quickly rushed her to the hospital and three pints of blood was given to her. Two of my children also fell sick and I thank God that all of them were delivered. God fought all the battles for me. Praise God. In 2018, God also delivered me from the spirit of death. I was under attack by enemies who were draining my heart and wanted to squeeze the life out of me. I give glory to the God of this devotional for saving my life.

ROSE ANHO (MRS), EDO STATE, 07035283372

On 29th August 2018, one of the midweek prayer points was to cancel death in sleep. There was a heavy downpour of rain on that day and my mother who stayed in Benin was sick in bed. She was called upon and immediately she left the bed, her fence collapsed and fell on her wall and her window protector fell on the bed where she was lying on. I give God the glory.


For the first time in last year's 2018 World Anointing Night, I was at TBS for the service and God decorated me maritally and miraculously gave me a new house by the prophetic declaration of the man of God, Bishop Dr. Chris. I give God the glory.


God changed my name and marital destiny during the 21-day prayer and fasting programme after 35 years of marital delay and disappointment.


Our Daily Manna has changed my life from financial captivity to a man of solution to others. In January through ODM prayers, I received a contract of N10million. Praise God.


I applied for a job with a bank since October and by January, I was told that it was only one person that was needed. I wanted to go back to my base but after praying on the first day of the fast, I was called upon for the job the next day. Praise God.

OTUNG EMEM S, LAGOS, 07031267433

For the past 14 years, I have been battling with sickness and believing God  for a special healing. Three years ago during the World Anointing Night to mark the end of the 21-day fasting and prayer programme, the man of God gave a prophetic utterance concerning the case of a liver problem. Immediately, I fell under the anointing and suddenly, I could no longer feel any pain compared to when I first had the problem. I strongly believe that I am healed. I give God the glory.


My children were going through marital stagnation, but last year when I came to the World Anointing Night (My year of Decoration and Change of Garment), God opened doors of marriage for my children with good husbands.


I was at the 2016 July Anointing Service and the man of God prayed on our oil and asked us to use it on anyone looking up to God for the fruit of the womb. I used the oil on my daughter in that month and she conceived and delivered a baby girl the following year March 2017. I thank God for His mercy.

NKECHI AMOS, LAGOS, 07039169184

In 2014, I was among those God blessed with a baby boy. In 2019, God restored the joy of my marriage. Praise God.


Since I started attending the Manna Prayer Mountain in 2009, God has not ceased to bless me. God provided an apartment and sufficient funds to complete our building.


God healed me of a spinal cord problem which was reviewed by an Indian doctor who told me of a serious heart related issue, saying that I didn’t have up to 60 days to live. However at the Change of Garment night viewing centre of Port Harcourt last year, God healed me immediately.


My daughter-in-law had a series of miscarriages and ejection from her marital home since 2014. In 2017, I took her case to God by coming to ODM Night of Evidence at TBS and my prayer was that God would protect her from evil eyes whenever she became pregnant. Subsequently, she was pregnant and on the 19th of December, the doctor declared that there was no heartbeat and that the baby should be evacuated but my daughter-in-law refused for she had been asking God for a testimony that looked like a lie yet it was true. She kept the pregnancy and by April, she traveled to the US, where she did a series of scans and the results showed that there was no baby. She rejected all suggestions by the doctors to remove the baby.  After some months back home, she went into theatre and to the surprise of the doctors on opening her stomach, they saw and heard the cry of the baby that no scan in the US could detect.  I give God the glory.


Two years ago at the anointing night at TBS, the man of God gave a prophetic utterance that there was one woman wearing a blue cloth who had fibroid and that she should rush down to the front. He prayed for three people including me. In 2018, I gave birth to my child with the fibroid weighing almost same as the baby. I thank God for His wonders.


I started reading ODM in 2014, and I was at TBS in 2017. I bought a shirt for a baby and took it to Manna Prayer Mountain at Ogudu Orioke to Bishop Chris and he asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted a baby boy and he prayed on the cloth.  That same year, my wife gave birth but the child died. In 2018 at the anointing night at TBS, the bishop gave a prophetic utterance and said that God had heard my request for a baby boy and that his name would be Blossom. I received it and my wife gave birth to a baby boy.


At the 2016 World Anointing Night, I lost my two- month pregnancy during the fasting program and my husband stopped me from coming for the programme. I managed to come and after the praise and worship session, the Bishop gave a prophetic utterance that God was giving restoration to a woman who had lost her pregnancy during the fasting programme.    That very month, I claimed the prophecy and God blessed my womb. On the 1st of November that same year, I gave birth to bouncing baby girl. Praise God.


  1. Halleluyah our God is ever faithful. I was a witness.

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome God!

  3. What an awesome God. May his name alone be praised forever IN JESUS NAME...AMEN


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