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Saturday, 1 December 2018


Movie Producer Okey Ogunjiofor is at it again. After a relative quiet lifestyle, living in the background of the glamour of Nollywood, doing this and that, Okey Ogunjiofor who blazed the trail of what is today known as Nollywood with his first ever home video movie, is now set to repeat the same feat with online global supermarket.

To start with, Ogunjiofor has cornered the banks who are now his partners in the online global supermarket venture, which works like a digital market store with a business club.

It is upscale but from the look of things, Okey Ogunjiofor who is in the project along with his wife Gloria who also hails from the same movie making background, is set to also smile to the bank.

“It is a disruptive innovation,’ says Ogunjiofor, “designed and developed primarily on e-Commerce business models. It is the 1st Social Marketing Network in the world, a global marketplace where buyers meet sellers in a socially friendly online environment. The social networking feature of Synergitrust gives opportunity to sellers to post information about their products and services for buyers’ attention and patronage. On Synergitrust, merchants’ engage buyers in Synergimarket through specially designed ‘e-hawking’System by posting products and services regularly into the market.”

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