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Friday, 26 October 2018


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By Zoe Oluwabusayo

In the entrepreneurial world, vision is one of the very essential ingredients for building and sustaining a business venture which means that whatever venture will be built has to be built in the mind of the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are driven by ideas that they believe would change the world, add value to individuals, boost the economy of their nation and provide employment opportunities for countless people.

These ideas are the energetic force that motivates the entrepreneur to get up every day in pursuance of the elements that would bring their idea to life. Starting small with grand ideas in their foresight is what entrepreneurs do for they know that the vision they have cannot be achieved in a rapid manner but in a series of successive processes infused with delay, detours, setbacks, learning curves and achievements.

Entrepreneurs know that achieving the vision that they see in their mind takes a lot of determination, hard work, patience and resilience as they are BUILDING a business and building anything sustainable takes time and effort.

To be a successful entrepreneur:
1.) Start with the end in mind: See the vision of the future business in your mind first.
2.) Believe that the future you see in your mind is achievable
3.) Put the vision in concrete form:  Write is down and break it the vision into actionable steps to be taken gradually and consistently. Believe in yourself that you can achieve whatever you see in your mind.
4.) Start from where you are with the resources that you have.
5.) Seek for relevant knowledge as you start on your journey towards the actualization of your vision.
6.) Make sure you re-invest into the business venture as you steady gain ascendency and prominence.
7.) Look for credible people in the form of employees and partners with whom you can share the vision with and together build better and add value to a larger audience.
8.) Be humble. Success should not be an avenue for disrespectfulness and frivolities. Keep a sane mind and a decent lifestyle.

In all that you do, know that empires are first built in the mind before it ever became a tangible form. Learn to conceive first in your mind and when you dream, make sure it is huge as what you bring to life via your entrepreneurial efforts is what you have seen in your mind.


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