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Saturday, 20 October 2018


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A lot of people approach me and ask me this question: how will I know the right time to quit my paid job and start my own business? And my answer has always being the same: you will know when YOUR timing is right. Usually a lot of those people always look more confused whenever I give them this particular answer so I usually would explain further.

Each person has a purpose and that purpose is strengthened by the vision or the picture of the desired future you can see in your mind. When you have discovered your purpose, then you determine if your present situation or job would take you towards that vision. It becomes more germane for you to answer the question if you know that the paid employment in which you are engage in is sapping the very life out of you.

So the timing will be determined by the person in question, you will determine that yourself. You will actually know when you are meant to pursue your entrepreneurial desires when you can also answer the following questions convincingly to yourself:

1.) Why do I want to quit this job?
2.) Do I have the desire to take the risk?
3.) Is this present job leading me towards my purpose?
Starting out in the journey of entrepreneurship is a leap of faith because you could be leaving a paid job in the pursuance of a dream only you can see in your mind; however, life does not reward those who do not take risks towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

Those on the roll call of honor and success are those who took the risk: they planned, prayed, strategized and acted. If you truly want to fulfill your purpose especially when you know that you have the passion to start your own business, face your fears and take the leap. You will surely build wings on your way down. Remember that eaglets don’t learn how to fly by going up, they actually learn how to fly by falling and as they descend, they discover that there wings can actually flap. They flap and start flying.

Be like the eaglet; take the leap by faith and action.

-  ZOEOLUWABUSAYO is a Principal Partner with Zoe & Phil Limited

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