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Saturday, 15 September 2018


People complain about a present leader only to have a change in leadership and the person whom they thought will be the messiah turns out even worse than the previous one.

Leadership in itself is amoral, it only takes up the character traits, both strengths and weaknesses, of the individual occupying the position.

We often complain of bad and corrupt leadership but we neglect to ask the question of their preparedness for leadership.

You don't become a worthy leader in the public domain, you must first of all become a leader and master of yourself in the private space.

So to become a leader who won't turn out to be selfish and oppressive, you must take care to build yourself first.

You must:

👉 Learn to invest in yourself.  Read, study, listen. Self improvement pays the highest dividend. Whatever you craft it, strive to become the best in it. That process of becoming  a better you should make you humble and considerate. It will make you more self controlled.

👉 Learn to delay gratification. Don't indulge in all that you eyes sees and wants. Learn to put your cravings under subjection.

 👉 Learn to genuinely wish people well. Don't covert what another people had even if you think you deserve it. Be happy for another person's achievements while working hard at yours.

👉 Keep credible company. If you want your reign as a leader to be worthwhile and beneficial, associate with honest and intelligent people who have a focus and a vision for their lives.

Those whom you associate with forms your closest allies when in leadership.

While we desire and call for credible leadership, let's know that what makes a leader is who he chooses to be and the credible path he followed before he ever receives the mantle of authority.

Whoever he was in private becomes magnified in public.


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