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Thursday, 6 September 2018


By Zoe Oluwabusayo

It is a dry cleaning company and the director needed a consultant to help with the training of staff on work place etiquette and customer service.
The complaint was that the staff were unprofessional and unruly to one another.

The consultant went to the company for a pre-assessment test and found out the director was the cause of the problem.

In so far as you have a company, everybody in the company, including the director and management staff become an employee of the company, subject to her policies and procedures.

Separate your personal self from the business and DO NOT use your office staff as your home staff.

Most business owners make the mistake of sending their office staff on domestic errands. This is very unprofessional and doesn't build the company into a reputable global brand.

There should be a standard operating procedure which must be followed and obeyed by all staff. The director shouldn't make decisions at the wimp of the hat.

Company procedures must be obeyed and followed. Policies must be put in place and decisions must not revolve round the director.

For any company to achieve business success and posterity, systems must be in place to the end achievement of business stability.

Build processes into your business right for the onset, don't wait to be a big company to set standards.

It's often difficult to put standard in place when your company is grown.

Manage yourself and your business with the right procedures.


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