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Saturday, 21 July 2018


The Nigeria Democratic Congress Party Founder by Dr Johnson Edosomwan has declared that his party will ensure that the country is restructured along the lines of the six geographical region so that development can reach down to the community levels of each of the local government.

Edosomwan who reveal this information at a town hall meeting in Lagos said he is positive that Nigeria could in six months reach a developmental revolution with his party the NDCP in the saddle of government. And that Nigeria is ready for that particular developmental revolution, that will change the country for good.

However, Edosomwan declared that contesting for the presidency in the 2019 elections for him does not mean coming to fight past Nigerian leaders.

"I am not coming to contest and win so that I can fault past leaders. No, I have come with solutions. I have been a solution provider to first world countries, I am therefore coming back to my country to replicate the same here."

The international development consultant said he believes that he can attract investors into the country from foreign countries because they know him and he has worked with them and foreign government and organisations know and can identify with him.

Edosomwan said it is time for Nigerians to take the bull by the horns and return our country to the path of development that will see the country emerging as the true giant of Africa.

"This is the message that I will be taking to all parts of the country as I go to Benin, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and all the other parts of the country. He assured all at the Muson centre event place in Lagos, that his party is here to stay and his divine mandate will be achieved.

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