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Monday, 28 May 2018


Dr Babajide Saheed 

The Medical Guild has rejected the circulars of the Lagos state government on appointment of a non-medically qualified persons into the state Health Service Commission. Such appointments it says will only amount to disaster and chaos in the state’s health care delivery.

At a press conference at its Maryland office, the top echelon of the Medical Guild led by its Chairman Dr. Babajide Saheed, issued out a communique signed by its chairman and the Secretary Dr. Opeyemi Aiyegbo.

Speaking later to the press, the Chairman of the Medical Guild Dr. Babajide Saheed told newsmen that, government should withdraw the crisis prone circulars which could lead to anarchy and chaos in the health sector which will then affect patients care.

“If this continues it will affect Lagos state health care delivery despite the huge amount of money Lagos is spending on the delivery of health care to the people. Accordingly the word consultant pharmacist operates outside the hospital setting. It is mostly seen in pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Perhaps also at old people’s homes where they are needed to remind the elderly of their drugs and advice against drug abuse. 

“In the hospital setting there is only one group of people that are referred to as consultants and this are the doctors. Even then it is not all the doctors that are called consultants. It is those that have been doctors and have gone ahead on further studies to acquire knowledge in specific areas and become specialists. It is when a hospital employs them that they are called consultants, said Dr. Saheed. 

“What is the job description of a consultant pharmacist does it add to the care of a patient in the hospital? What is the essence of creating circulars that will only bring chaos? As regards the creation of more directors how will it impact or have relevance to patients care? In pathology for instance there is a director and you go ahead and create more directors in other cadre. If a director gives order and another director gives a counter order at same level 17 that is chaos because in healthcare it’s about saving lives. If the adequate result does not come out due to a counter order who bears the brunt?
As regards the issue of permanent secretaries in some of the health agencies, Lagos state health reform of 2006 states clearly the qualification of those people and that is, people who have gone through medical practice who are doctors and that is why they are called medical doctors.” Dr. Saheed added. 

He also went further to assure the members of the public that, hospitals are presently opened despite the JOHESU strike. “Our doctors are on ground and operations, surgery, ward round and so on are still being done, all we appeal for is that other hospital staff should not take hospital keys home or away from the hospital so that doctors can have access to equipment and material for treatment of patients.”

The Medical Guild chairman said that the body has been having a cordial relationship with the Lagos state governor and government, that it is obvious that there are some people around the governor that are misinforming him so as to create confusion in the heath sector and in health care delivery of the state.

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