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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

HAPPY LOVER's DAY By Paul Ukpabio

It's Valentine's Day and guess what? All over town and the big cities, love is being celebrated today in big and small ways, with street parties and in closets,in red and white colours

Let's not disturb ourselves with the origin of Val's Day as it is usually called by lover's, instead let's concentrate on how to celebrate and enjoy Val's Day.

Anyway for those that are pretending not to know what Val's Day means, it simply means, I love you! Hahahahahahaha, yes its that simple. So pick up that phone and call someone and say, 'I love you.' Then watch the reaction... Love is contagious! You will definitely get love in return.

Lover's Day as its also called, is a day to rekindle our love for one another. A day to bring smile to each others faces and places. A day to re-jig love flames. A day to create love. A day to re-call fond love memories. A day to wine and dine and smile coyly into your partner's eyes!

Yes, its a day of giving. A day to show love through affection. A day to touch and a day to live up to the romantic dreams of your life.

Valentine's Day presents a good day for that special outing where you can propose to your dream partner. Its a perfect day for saying 'I do!' A day for candle lit dinner and love talk.

Flowers get more beautiful on Valentine's Day and so do ladies! Roses are red and carnation white. And if you find a white rose, just remember love comes in different shades and colours! Send her flowers. Flowers have universal meaning. Send money...it makes life easier.

And whichever way you look at it, Val moments are not limited to exclusive diners or high brow hotels or over rated eateries and restaurants, Val moments are also possible on the street, yes, you can blow someone a kiss across the road! Its also possible at isi-ewu joints, open markets, bars, parks, beach fronts and resorts.

And if you are still lost on what to give, here is a clue; give her or him underwears which will ignite romantic passionate thoughts! You can give a brand new car! No love is easily turned down with such a gift! And if you know your partner and appreciate her well, buy a new house for her!

No love is too big! You can buy someone a yatch or a jet plane and watch their faces react in love when you hand over that precious gift! That is your own joy, contentment and fulfilment. And if you love someone, this is the best day to write a will. Pass on that your estate to a particular person or a group of people specifying their names on title documents, so you don't die and strange people scramble for your properties and legacies!

Haaa! How can you celebrate Valentine's Day in contempoarary world without a Cake? That's almost a sin now! Cakes make celebration beautiful. It seems to bond the celebrants in an art of stylish enjoyment! So create fun while cutting the Val Day cake today.

And if you do not have a Val to celebrate with, then I don't envy you! That's because, you are missing in action!!! Get yourself a Val and a Val date! How? Simply approach that pretty girl and say, 'be my Val...' Not that difficult to do if you are sincere! Okay, let's practice that together now, say: 'Be my Val...' See, it was easy to say!

So go out there and have a fun-filled Val Day today! Pleasant memories await you today. Enjoy...

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