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Monday, 8 January 2018


Come Thursday 11th at Dolphin Senior High School, Sura, Simpson street, Lagos Island, Support Bridges Initiative will host its 12th Anniversary celebration. It promises to be a gathering of a high network of relevant people, in the education sector.

Special Guest of Honour for the event will be Her Excellency, Mrs Oluranti Adebule, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, while the Chairman of the event will be Barrister Rotimi Edu, ESQ, MNI.

SBI has been a backbone in providing educational services, career guidance and counseling, mentoring, role modeling, leadership and 21st Century Skills’ training and other support services to students aged
13-19 years in 64 Public Senior Secondary schools since its establishment.

SBIs interventions in these public schools has impacted an estimated population of 38,400 students. Due to inadequate funding, students in public schools are considered vulnerable when compared with those in private schools. Public Schools’ students are unable to reach their goals or attain their optimum potential. In response, SBI provides the students in the said public schools with free remedial training in the core subjects for GCE and other public examinations.

To ensure success in the implementation of their various intervention programmes, SBI works with stakeholders including parents and teachers of beneficiary schools, through seminars and train the trainer programs to ensure that students complete secondary school education successfully.

SBI has an efficient Monitoring and Evaluation system in place which gives follow up assistance to beneficiaries to enable them to become and remain productive members of the society.


The Management Board of Support Bridges Initiative (SBI) on behalf of the students of the 66 Senior and 64 Junior Public Secondary Schools in Education District III of Lagos State welcomes public/corporate
goodwill participation through sponsorship and support.

About SBI

Inaugurated in April 2005, SBI is a Global Multi-directional Not –For – Profit Resource Center committed to building the potential of young people of ages 13 to19. We employ timely mentoring interventions which inspire and empower the target beneficiaries to discover their potential and life goals.  SBI then provides the bridge that facilitates the optimum achievement of these goals as well as equip
the beneficiaries to excel in their areas of endeavour and activity.

Kindly visit us at www.supportbridges.org to see the various activities that SBI has embarked on since its inception. You will also get information showcasing our flag- ship intervention programme in Lagos State involving the 3 major stakeholders in education, namely students, teachers and parents.

Acknowledgement and Awards from Lagos State: We enclose materials showing Awards SBI has received in the “Support Our Schools Initiative”; and in respect of our PPP model for Public Schools in the State.

SBI- our CSR Vehicle

SBI has served as our CSR vehicle over the past 10 years. Since 2005, its operations have been privately funded by the CEO, its Management Board; our circle of friends and family members who have
volunteered their time, wages, skills, and resources for a needful contribution to the growth, development and future of Nigeria. Though tasking, engaging and sometimes daunting, it provides for us a fulfilling opportunity to volunteer, serve and contribute positively in an environment where one’s intervention is really needed.

This is what fires our passion and determination to persist in it. SBI has recorded appreciable documented achievements and made notable impacts in Nigeria and in our community of schools in Lagos State especially.

SBI Post 10years’ Programme:

Having attained 10 years in 2015, SBI proposes to increase our offerings and assistance to the students of our beneficiary schools with resources such as helping graduating students to further their
education in the Universities which a lot of them cannot afford, offering them opportunities to acquire professional qualifications and requisite skills with which they can set up SMES so that they will not
be parasites to others in the community, nor increase the growing volume of area boys and girls, delinquents and substance abusers who constitute a serious threat to life and property within the  society.

SBI needs you:

SBI needs material, financial as well as corporate sponsorship and support, and our beneficiary schools need mentors of different categories; who will motivate them to optimize their human potential.

Considering the poor infrastructure as well as perennial inadequate funding of public institutions by the Government, SBI provides a fertile ground for you to sow into the future of our nation for the
benefit of the next generation. This is especially in view of the large number of our young population who attend public schools.

We are persuaded that you as an individual as well as your Institution hold forth positive hope for younger people who will be encouraged to believe in themselves that they can achieve success in life with guidance and measured intervention from your good self. You may also introduce SBI to your personal network of committed persons and /or institutions to take SBI as their Community Project or CSR initiative by partnering with us in any of the categories listed below.

Get Involved

There are different Categories of sponsorship, namely Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Pearl and Bronze. And we will gladly forward our plans and activities in the next 10 years for your kind
sponsorship. The respective components and sponsorship benefits will also be forwarded. We look forward to your partnering with us on this rewarding journey. Contact us at: www.supportbridges.org

has Folasade Adetiba as its Chief Executive and Helen Ese Emore as Member, Management Board, among other officials.

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