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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Dr. Chike Okechukwu is one of many who has written a novel centred around the Nigerian civil war, depicting the Biafra experience. A historic phenomena which is still deeply etched in the hearts and minds of survivors who are very much alive and subconsciously aware of the horrors they went through decades ago.

He has managed to carefully examine and highlight a singular story of a victim of post-traumatic-stress disorder. This is quite a brilliant and unique analysis, with a style that has a medical tint to it. Unique in a sense that not much has been written about this syndrome in relation to an African war. 
Dr. Chike Okechukwu

The subject has been addressed many times before, with regards to the ex-soldiers of the 1st and 2nd world wars and the Vietnamese war veterans. If one were to read this book objectively, there is the wider picture which places those involved in that terrible conflict - those still alive today, as silently suffering from the same lingering disorder, and are still cleary in need of some form of therapy.

The technique of the author is hypnotic, with chapters seesawing in flashes of time from one period to another over a span of at least five decades.

The theme of Biafra seems to be a very popular subject right now, trending all over the world including cities like London, New York, Frankfurt, etc. and because of the Igbo agitation for secession and protests in southeastern Nigeria - there has been much cause for concern by the Federal government.

'Children Of The Fallen Sun' is basically the story of 'Michael' who joined the Biafran 'Boys' Company' in a quest for bravery and adventure. As a ten year old he was forced to learn the hard way about the destructiveness of war.

The book strives not only to teach us our history, but also serves to promote the need to unify Nigeria for the good of all.
Clearly another must read! A thriller with promises of an historical epic containing plenty of dramatic appeal....

Soon to be released online while the printed version is unveiled at its launching and unleashed on the reading Nigerian public.

From: AFRICAGENDA Publishers


  1. Using reverse psychology to promote national unity effectively, after reading this, any sane Nigerian would not want to witness another civil war ever again!

  2. I look forward to reading this. It gives a unique perspective on the damaging effects of war while also educating the new generation on the Biafran war.


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