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Friday, 1 July 2016

Pastor Sunday Adelaja of Embassy Of God Church Finally Opens Up

Interview by Sola Olugbemiro

Can we know you sir? 
My name is Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Founder of Embassy of the blessed Kingdom for all Nations Church in Kiev, Ukraine.

How did the Lord Minister to you to start God Embassy Church?  
I was on scholarship to the former USSR after I forgo my admission to the then university of Ife. On getting to Russia I got so disappointed because there were no churches and the whole country looked old fashion. Especially since I also had another scholarship to Columbia university in the USA. While I was murmuring and complaining a senior colleague of mine told me about God being a God of purpose. He challenged me to pray, which I did after two weeks of intense prayers, I had a three day encounter with Jesus appearing to me. He showed me leading a whole crowd of white followers in their thousands. To cut a long story short, that is what God has done over the years. By the time I was 33 years old I had build the largest evangelical church in all of Europe with 99% being while Caucasians.

As a spirit filled and anointed with the largest congregation in Ukraine can you tell us how it all started ? 

For the first 4 years, I could not get any white person to follow me, only blacks and Asians but I always felt that if God wanted me to lead Africans in Europe then why didn’t he leave me in Africa where we had more Africans in millions. After a series of breaking process in Gods presence I got a key revelation that led me to grow from 7 people to 1000 white people in a year. The gist of the revelation is that I must remove my suit, tie, and go to look for the poor, outcasts, and the down and out of the society. Instead of going to preach to them I needed to go demonstrate Gods love to them. To cut a long story short, the drug addicts, alcoholics and the poor started coming. God started delivering them, they never remained poor and outcasts. With time they became some of the most prosperous and successful people in the land. The church grew to 25.000 members in a short time. Glory to God.

God has delivered and performed so many miracles through you in Ukraine, can you share some of the experience with us? 
I believe the biggest miracle is the fact that God used me to turn around the political, social and economic landscape of Ukraine. At a point 34% of the local parliament of the capital city of Kiev including the mayor were coming from our church. Over 600 people from our church were in one government structure or the other, this led to an unbelievable persecution from the central government against me and our church. God used me to deliver over 10.000 young men and women from drugs and alcoholic addiction. Many of them eventually becoming business men and women, politicians etc. Of course I became the only man in the world leading 99% white Europeans of over 25.000 people, being a black person myself, especially of Nigeria descent. I had the opportunity to address the UNO twice, probably the only African who addressed and prayed in the US senate etc

What is it like over seeing a ministry like yours in Ukraine? 
It’s all about being a servant. But all the above achievements are nothing compare to what God is going to do in my future. I believe my 30 years of sojourn in Europe is only my training ground and a preparation for what I must do in my own continent, and to my own people. I prayed for 20 years that God will allow me to at least do a fraction of what God did through me in Europe in Africa to my people in Nigeria in particular
Recently, there are some controversy in your ministry, what are your views and opinion on it? 
When I announced I was moving back to Africa for good, there were a lot of mixed reactions amidst the leadership of the church. Some felt betrayed, others want the members, another group wanted the building etc, just human nature came to surface big time. These led to stories upon stories simply yo blackmail me into granting some people’s desire. However, that is long dead and buried now. The publications that came out first came out in America people planting stories as if I made a statement which I was not aware of at all. They used my name to lie against myself, meanwhile no one actually spoke to me or took an interview from me at all.

Is it true that you consented to the allegations of adultery against you in Ukraine? 
The story in the newspapers said I went to a meeting with some Russian denominations where I conceded to some allegations. Those who know of my work in Ukraine will know that that is not possible because I have not been able to go out to Russia for the past 10 years. Since President Putin made me a personal non grata in Russia, so there is no way I could have gone to Russia to meet with some pastors or bishops more so since I’ve not left Ukraine for the past 7 years.

We learn you are coming back to Nigeria soon, what should your followers in Nigeria be expecting? 
Yes, I’m coming to Nigeria soon, but don’t know the exact time or date yet. I’m still fighting the Ukraine government to clear my name from all false accusations; hence I’ve not being going out of the country for the past 7 years. As soon as I clear my name, I’ll be moving back to Nigeria finally. Note that, I don’t have to move yo Nigeria and I wouldn’t have if not for a specific instruction from the Lord Jesus himself who appeared to me with concrete assignment on what to come here to do. As to what my followers should expect, I have good news to all Nigerians, not only my followers but all Nigerians should expect something they had never seen before. The country is about to witness a major tsunami kind of encounter in our Christianity.

My focus is not to build a church but to bring about a national transformation o all aspects of our Nigerian life. The church in Nigeria has done a lot of good work but not so good when it comes to transforming the society at large. Well,that is about to change! Believe me, this is not wishful thinking. This is where my anointing lies, I’ve done it before, I know how to do it and without fail Nigerians will all witness a dramatic change in our society very very soon. Right now, I already have over 200 white Europeans coming as my team to live here with me leaving everything to help build Nigeria. Yet, even that number is small, they’ll grow to over 2000 of them. Including Nigerians in diaspora.

Who will be over seeing the ministry in your absence? 
The church in Ukraine is not just one church. In the capital city alone we have over 40 churches, in the country over 400, and all over the world in 50 countries another 1000 churches. So Embassy Of God church is more like a movement rather than a church. However, the most fascinating part of it is that in our church every local church is independent, with their own names, budget, pastors, building, etc. They all relate to each other on a voluntary basis, and they come together under the umbrella of Embassy Of God Churches. No obligations apart from mutual love, and a common spiritual heritage in that they all come from the works of P. Sunday. The umbrella organization has a group of elders that are going to be overseeing the general movement while I remain the founder and the senior pastor no matter where I’m in the world.

Any spiritual message for Nigerians ?
Why only spiritual message. I don’t like to be put in a box of spirituality or of a pastor cliche. I don’t see myself only as a pastor, I see myself as all God needs me to be at any given period. So expect me not only to be speaking to the spiritual life of Nigeria and Nigerians. Expect me to speak to all aspect of the Nigeria life and society.Now to answer your question, I’ll like to tell Nigerians not to be in a hurry to throw away their passports. And if you are planning to run away from the country, my advise to you is not to be in a hurry. Just wait till Pastor Sunday comes into the country. You are going to be seeing what you’d never dreamed of seeing in this country before. By the grace of God, every single local government in Nigeria will be touched by the plans and transformational development we are bringing. Like I said people from Russian, Ukraine, Britain, Germany, Japan, America, etc are all following me to come back to contribute to making Nigeria a better place. So get ready! get ready!! get ready!!! And of course pray that God will release me on time. There is going to be a revolution in our land, the kingdom revolution my friends. For the love of God, church and nation.

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