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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Chinese community mourn Late Ambassador Victor Chibundu, says: “We will miss him dearly.”

The Chinese Community
By Paul Ukpabio
When former Nigerian Ambassador to China, Victor Chibundu, died on June 8, 2016, it was a sad news to his family, to Nigerians in general who knew him, and to all those he had related with across the world in his various national assignments and postings.
But also sadder it was for the Chinese people
and to the Chinese community in Nigeria, because he was the one who founded and helped build the Nigeria-China Friendship Association (NICAF) in Nigeria. And until his death, he remained the Chairman.
And so, as part of the activities lined up for his burial rites, the Chinese community set aside last Friday, to honour him extensively, at the Chinese Centre in Lagos.
For a man so well loved, it was not surprising to see an overwhelming turn out of the Chinese people: Top dignitaries in their own right, including the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, who was represented by the Deputy Consul General, L T Yong, and other representatives of different Chinese groups in Nigeria. There were some other dignitaries who flew in from China, to be part of the solemn event.   
It was indeed, an emotional outpouring of encomium, as the Chinese community, appreciated Late Ambassador Victor Chibundu, with a solemn session, of a minute silence, which extended to two minutes, and with prayers and good words.
The family of the Late Ambassador Victor Chibundu
 They spoke one after another. The Ambassador who spoke through the Deputy Consul General, L T Yong, said that:
“We are here to honour the Late Ambassador Victor Chibundu because; the Consulate and the Chinese people in general, recognise his outstanding role in building the relationship between our two countries, over the years. We have been long-time friends of the Late Chief, since he was the Ambassador of Nigeria to China. We have never honoured any one like this before, but our Late Chairman was unique in his contribution to building the cultural enterprise between our two nations. We have a saying in China that, ‘when we are drinking, we should not forget the people who dug the well for us to get what to drink.’ We appreciate him, and we ask that his soul rest in perfect peace.”
With such an opening, more emotion, more encomiums poured freely. Mrs Yongjing Wang, the Chinese Director at Confucius Institute, University of Lagos, said, “the Late Chibundu belonged to the class of people, who build and keep good relationships.”
And from his family’s side, spoke Mrs Edith Udeagu, the Late Ambassador’s first daughter and first child.
“I don’t believe he is late. For twenty years I lost my husband, I am just getting over it. And now this! So, I don’t know how long it will take to get over this! He was dear to me and all of us. I will miss him, and so will all of us.”
The body of the Late Ambassador, will be laid to rest this coming Friday at his home town, in Abia State, Nigeria.  

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