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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

When a beauty queen met the legendary boxing champion of the world

Lawyer, Writer and famous Nigerian ex beauty queen Helen Prest Ajayi recently shared her memory of her meeting with the Late boxing champion of the world Mohammed Ali. It was a rare meeting which the late champion held dear to his heart.

                      Muhammed Ali: A Tribute

By Helen Prest Ajayi

Muhammad Ali was everything you expected him to be and then some. Meeting him in person during his hey day is a memory I will always cherish. It was truly one of those pinch me moments. I walked into the suite interrupting a very young boy bobbing up and down jabbing his fists into the air. His father looked on beaming with pride, his eyes darting back and forth between his son and Alli while the latter looked at the display with resigned politeness.
"How are you Helen"he drawled as I stepped forward. The display halted, as we chatted. He was so kind friendly and funny. I could feel myself having an out of body experience as I jabbered away and cackled with unnecessary laughter, I was deliriously momentarily insane, for what reason I don"t know. The thought occurred to me that the father of the boy had probably hoped that Alli would carry his son off to America, maybe we all did. Alas in the twinkle of an eye poof!it was all over. If it was today I would have asked to take a selfie, he was however sweet enough to write me a very special note. 

Adieu Champ!

(Helen Prest Ajayi's pix: Bellanaija)

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