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Monday, 6 June 2016

Wadokya set to promote African culture

Wadokya is a multi-cultural organization that engages in the service of promoting/projecting the rich cultural heritage of the Africa people, (Nigeria).
The organization has positioned to discover, develop historical sites in the country, through organising, promoting cultural tourism, concept development, TV documentaries, music and movie productions.

The organization also engages in artiste management, publication of magazines
Exhibition and cultural dance troupe appearances, along with event management and entertainment.

Wadokya simply means "peace, pride and beauty" coined from the three main languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo). It is the foundation on which the initiative was birthed.

Why Wadokya? The Nigerian/African Culture has been relegated to the back seat. We are convinced, that now is the time to revive and preserve our common heritage. Wadokya African Cultural Campaign is an endless movement across the whole of Nigeria and Africa. It is a year in, year out event to resuscitate and restore our rich cultural heritage, which is our identity; through a line-up of cultural activities and events in and out of the African continent. Wadokya seeks to celebrate being African by amplifying and showcasing our rich cultural legacies worthy of note, emulation and of course export.

Wadokya also oganises African Cultural festival, one out of many other events of Wadokya Global Concept Ltd, projected as a three days cultural festival showcasing and celebrating our diverse and assorted African food, dance, music, fashion, arts and craft, and so on.

The festival is designed to be an annual event that will make its maiden edition in Nigeria and spread across Africa overtime. The festival has an advisory council which consists of notable Nigerians with a strong pedigree in promoting our rich cultural heritage. The maiden festival edition is scheduled to take place; Thursday November 24th to Saturday 26th 2016, in Lagos. At present, we have 13 dance troupes from the six (6) geopolitical zones consisting of over 15 dancers each, we also have indigenous music/traditional music performances by African music icons. Our African food/fashion exhibitions, showcases and reinstates that it is a thing of beauty and honour to eat, dress and express our innate African virtues. We strongly believe that our event will encourage the upcoming generation to emulate, accept and project our uniqueness as Africans.

It is pertinent to state that this is the first of its kind Nigerian Individually organized cultural festival that seems to gather all ethnic groups on one platform to celebrate our culture.

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