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Friday, 17 June 2016

I can marry a Nigerian man if I find one -Ghanaian actor Ella Mensah

Ghana born Ella Mensah is making her home country and Nigeria's Nollywood proud. She shuttles Nigeria and Ghana two West Africans countries for acting roles which she picks up very easily, and still finds time to go elsewhere outside Africa to catch her fun. Though hardworking as an actor, Ella Mensah is also known for her style and fashion. She readily shocks you with her loud colours, and you can't miss her presence where ever she is. If you ask her, she will of course readily tell you, that it is part of the show and the business...that is why it is called show-business! She reveals more in this interview with Paul Ukpabio. 

Are there similarities between Nollywood and Ghallywood?

Of course there are similarities and differences between Ghallywood and Nollywood. To start with, Nollywood shoot more movies than Ghallywood. And that can be because Nollywood has a lot more producers and marketers.

Are there major differences between Nigerian actors and Ghanaian actors?

As far as I am concerned, Nigerian actors are the same as Ghanaian actors. We are all the same.

How about the survival factor, how easy is it to survive in Nollywood?

It’s really not easy surviving in Nollywood because there are a lot of actors over here in Nigeria. The movie industry here is a big one, so one needs to work extra harder to break into the industry. And once you are in, you have to work harder to stay in.

So which of the actors do you love working with or are you most comfortable working with?

I work comfortably with all the actors. That is because they are all good.

But how about the scandals associated with the movie industry and are actors faced by any abuses from producers, abuses such as sex for role?

Yes, I have heard of such but I haven't seen nor experience any of such abuses.

So since your arrival in Nigerian shores, have you fallen in love with any actor or someone working in the movie industry?

(Laughs) I haven't fallen in love with any of my colleagues. I see all of them as brothers, plus the fact that I don’t like mixing business with pleasure.

What part of you do you think that guys love most?

I really wish I knew, but as it is, I can’t really say what guys love the most about me. That is because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

What can you say about your acceptance and ratings in the industry at present?

I am presently so grateful to God for how far he has brought me. But iu must also tell you that this is just the beginning. I am still working hard and bigger things are on the way to me.

Do you still live in Ghana?

I still do. As a matter of fact, I just returned back to Nigeria like a week ago.

Tell us about your home country, what does the place mean to you?

Ghana is a beautiful and peaceful country. So yes, it’s a good thing that Nigerians are visiting there as more as necessary.

So you shuttle between Nigeria and Ghana, where then do you spend your holidays?

I spend most of my holiday trips in the middle east- Dubai, South Africa, Germany n some Islands. I love the beach. I love to go to places where I can be free.

Are you attracted to Nigerian men?

I must say that all men are attractive. That also mean that obviously, Nigerian men are attractive too.

What puts you off a man?

I can't stand men with mouth odour. That kills me fast! And that’s because its nasty.

Can you marry a Nigerian?

Of course I can marry a Nigerian man if I find the one that I want.

Can you act nude?

I will never ever go nude in my life in any movie. Not even for any amount of money in this world.

Your best pose?

Being in a bikini beside a pool…

What vanities of life are you obsessed about?

Oh, I love cars. I am obsessed with cars. I love Lexus and Ferrari.

What accessories do you not do without?

I can’t go anywhere without my wrist watch. I can forget any other thing but not my wrist watch.

Your favourite colours?

I love white, black and green colours. I also love to be funky and very classy. Being funky is fun to me, and being classy too. And that is when I am serious n mean business.

What other fashion accessory appeals to you?

I love shoes, and I have about 100 pairs of expensive shoes. I love bags and clothes too.

So if you weren’t an actor, what other thing would you have loved to be?

If I wasn't an actor, I would have loved to be a newscaster. I just love being in front of the camera.

Who is your role model?

My mother is my role model. I love everything about her. She is a very strong and ambitious woman with a great heart. She is everything and more to me. I look up to her.

Tell us briefly about your early life.

I grew up in an average home with my mum and my two junior brothers. My mum thought me and my brothers how to protect each other and made us know how important family is. Family is everything to me. I met my Dad when I was 19 years old. I am cool with him, though my mother is everything to me.

Tell us about your dream man.

Hmm my dream man would be any hard working, ambitious, God fearing and funny guy who is okay by me.

What about pressure?

I just ignore pressure because I can’t handle pressure or stress, so I simply ignore and avoid it.
pix: eyesabi.com

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