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Monday, 30 May 2016

NITAD ends 2016 Conference making case for new ways of learning

By Paul Ukpabio  

The world has moved away from command and control, into a learning organisation. This was disclosed by Mr. Richard Okhumale the lead speaker at the 2nd annual training conference of the Nigerian Institute of training and development (NITAD).

The conference which took place at the Administrative staff college of Nigeria (ASCON) Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria, was tagged Learning and development: catalyst for sustainable value creation
The speaker in his lecture, said
that what a person needs for a recent learning is a coach and not a mentor, saying that the major reason we cannot get change in the country is because people do not think anymore, as they have out sourced their thinking to mentors, which is why we find it difficult to solve problems. 

“Learning is a life time investment, and it's very effective, when initiated by the person involved, in his own area of interest. Training has had its days, but now is the time to learn. Technology is a major factor that will help us to move. If our work attitude does not change, then we are not going anywhere in this country. We need our organisations to transform themselves into learning organisations.  Learning involves try and error. You are responsible for your own development. Our duty today is to see that people become learners, rather than depend on trainings. 

We must go back to learn to think for ourselves, and also teach people how to think for themselves. We lack empowerment in organisations today, once you empower people, they will learn in every way possible to keep that position that you have given to them, they will not need to wait on you to take decisions. In Nigeria today, we do not have the ability to think our way out of the challenges that we face. Our educational system makes it difficult for us to come out and be bold, because they make you feel that your opinion does not count. It destroys one’s self confidence, in organisations today; people are not empowered to take decisions on their own. He said. 

Also speaking, Mrs. Janet Jolaoso, the president and Chairman of council NITAD, in her speech said that learning and development is a demonstration of doing an old thing in a new way, which also connotes a change in attitude or behaviour.

She said, “this year’s theme is apt germane and of course relevant at this stage of the national development. However, the responsibility of learning lies with the person who deserves to learn, it is a matter of voluntary behaviour. Therefore, organisations that want to be competitively relevant in the global economy must invest in learning and development of its workforce. Unlocking the talents in your workforce is a function of value creation through learning and development.

The event had other side attractions like recreation, excursion and Dinner Award Party. 
Mrs. Janet Jolaoso, the president and Chairman of council NITAD,
Mr. Richard Okhumale the lead speaker
Pastor Bola Adams (Special Guest of Honour)

(2nd left front row) Mr S, S. Oluwaseyi-Kuton Chairman, Lagos State Chapter with other members of the cabinet 

Mr Benson Aruna

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