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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Food Nigeria: Exhibition and Conference 2016 ends with loud applause

At the opening ceremonies

By Paul Ukpabio

With over 6000 visitors, 150 exhibitors and participation of countries from different parts of the globe, the Food Nigeria Exhibition and Conference 2016 which took place at high brow Eko Hotel, Lagos, came to a close at 5pm yesterday.

All through the 3 Day event, Eko Hotel remained a beehive as people trooped in to take part in the well organised event that also had free conference with topics being: prospects in food Nigeria, challenges in food Nigeria, Import control and certification, food safety management and food distribution management.

Many organizations stood out
with their unique products and courteous attention as they attended to numerous visitors.

One of such organization that stood out is Shamag Trading Company, an organization that is into chocolate and confectioneries, whose team was led by Ahmed Shamag.  

The Shamag Trading Company stand at the exhibition turned out to be the friendliest, courteous stand which attracted a lot of would-be Nigerian prospective importers and possible distributors. The taste of its rich products raised great enthusiasm and people returned for more taste of its chocolates and confectionaries during the whole period of the event.

Ahmed Shamag himself stood out with his peculiar outlandish stylish appearances throughout the exhibition days: His unique infectious smiles, his charismatic jokes and his warm, sincere handshakes all had a personal touch.

At the end of the exhibition, Ahmed Shamag who lodged at the highbrow Intercontinental hotel treated Paul Ukpabio’s Blog to a sumptuous, exclusive lunch, at an equally exclusive Indigo restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos: popular for its grilled Indian clay oven cuisine. A convenient spot for a business lunch or family eat-out! Waiters swarmed around us in the cosy restaurant, available at our beck and call, as we took on one course of meal after another.

Here, Ahmed Shamag told us more about Shamag Trading Company based in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates and its numerous products and flavours, which includes chocolates, biscuits, wafers, fudge, sesame, toffees, filled candies, hard candies and lollipops, in addition to other food products such as Corn oil. Oh, Shamag Trading Company also has its factory based in the United Arab Emirates.  

Ahmed Shamag has a success story to tell, a story, that we will gladly share with you soon. It is the story of hard work that has preserved Shamag Trading Company from 1958 to 1990 and then a major re-organization that took it from 1990 to present day. A business built from one generation to another: a business inherited from a grandfather.

Ahmed Shamag
Ahmed Shamag with Ossy an importer

Ahmed Shamag with Travel Writer, Paul Ukpabio at Indigo restaurant for late lunch 


  1. Paul I don't like this empty plate you show us all times. Wao. You're doing it right my brother.

  2. Paul I don't like this empty plate you show us all times. Wao. You're doing it right my brother.

  3. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah food was so delicious, I couldn't pretend! I had to do it right!!! Hahhahaaahahhahahhahaha thank you madam for the observation...


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