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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

P-Square shoots video tomorrow despite face-off

If you believe the duo of P-Square are 'quarreling with each other' or 'fighting themselves' as it is being reported in the media, then you definitely can believe anything! That is because, since the news report hit the headlines, the personalities in this big musical act have still been seen performing together, attending media events together and even laughing together!

So where is the big fight that is being reported every now and then. Well, tomorrow is another day to prove this fighting hoax story. The duo of Peter and Paul will be shooting a movie tomorrow at at Nexus studio, Ikeja, Ogba, Lagos.

If you must be there to see whether they will actually fight and exchange blows or laugh and hug, then make sure you are wearing 'Sexy White and White with touch of Red' yes, that is the dress code for the 1st shoot. And for the 2nd shoot, the dress code is 'Rugged/Sexy black on black.' 

Wow, i'm looking forward to see your crazy dress sense tomorrow!

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