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Monday, 7 March 2016

Omo London producer, Princess Onanuga says: “It was great working with Obesere”

United Kingdom based Nollywood actress Princess Elizabeth Onanuga is in Nigeria. The pretty actress came into town days back and within the short time, she has had quite a load of fun. We caught up with her at a high brow private club at Ikoyi where she told us a few things about her lifestyle and the movie industry here and in the UK.

How would you describe your journey into the make-belief world of acting?

The journey has been challenging as expected, but fulfilling as well. Based in the UK, and contributing to the movie industry in Nigeria is no mean achievement at all. It takes more than just the capital invested, it requires much more than that. It involves your creativity and most especially, the uniqueness to stand out and be reckoned with. It also involves your consistent passion and dedication, because movie making generally is demanding and could be challenging, but with you given it your all, just like I have been doing, you are bound to succeed.
What have you to show as your input in the industry?
I can gladly and boldly say the journey has been worth it. And it’s been successful. I have been able to produced HADIZA Omo London,an award winning movie that practically contributed to my entry into the industry, and earned me the nickname "Hadiza". I didn't stop there, I shot and produced AFOJUFENI, amongst others, and for 2016, I just released my latest project which is MATANMI, featuring veteran casts like Abass Akande Obesere, Antar Laniyan and many more. And it may interest you to know that, before the end of the year 2016, in collaboration with my movie academy, Divos 'n Divas Movie Academy, I will be releasing my next big thing that will surely rule the entertainment industry. It was fun and great working with Abass Akande Obesere.
What other things do you do?
That's pretty interesting. I am the CEO of Green Divas Charity Organization, whose main priority is attending to the need and welfare of the less privileged and needy in the society. Added to this, we focus on contributing to the continuous growth of the Global Tourism Industry. That makes me an actress, a producer, a tourism ambassador and, an entrepreneur.
I humbly serve in the capacity of a Director with Sahara Weekly Magazine, a very popular publishing magazine, based in Lagos. As I stated earlier, I run a movie academy also based in the UK, The Divos 'n Divas Movie Academy (Training and producing aspiring talents in movie making).
What's your take on the overall performance of the Movie Industry, standard-wise, with reference to Nollywood, where you are now a strong player?
I give my 95% to the industry, by rating because, considering the adverse effects of piracy on the Industry, yet we are still producing and keeping the game going. I want to believe, in due time, all ills will be corrected and sooner too, our Nollywood will be the Nollywood we all wish for.
Hmm, why are celebrities always involved in controversies?
(Laughs) very well then, I will give it to you in one sentence, it is simply because we are celebrities and the spotlight is always on us. We aren't angels, and nobody is a saint, but the media most time over blow our flaws, mistakes and personalities, forgetting we are humans too.
What do you wish to see in the Nollywood future of your dream?
I wish and look forward to an industry where the real efforts will pay financially. Where, our creativity and passion, is rewarded accordingly. And where we can and will be competing favorably with the rest of the world, production-wise and standard wise.
Your advice for those aspiring to be in Nollywood?
It’s never an easy road to success, but with persistence, passion, painstaking effort, diligence and creativity, you will one day be celebrated.
How can one hook up with you?
 My Instagram Handle; @divalizzyofficial and also on Twitter @lizzyonanuga. On facebook with the name " Princess Onanuga Hadiza" and on my facebook page, PrincessHadiza. Thank you.

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  1. God bless the work of your hand princess onanuga a.k.a hadiza...you are really doin a great job and i love your personality, keep shinning from grace to grace


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