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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Of Lagos foot bridges and cleanliness

Definitely, the Lagos state government has over the years been sympathetic and empathetic to the plight of the general public in the city, by providing assistance here and there, to ease the living condition of escalating millions of people, living in the fast growing city, located in the West African coast. 

One of such provisions made by the Lagos State government to ease people's lives, is the provision of foot bridges across the city at vantage areas where people daily network multiple roads, at various corners of the state. In a city like Lagos, foot bridges are important and most needed and the government has tried to do its best in this regard.

Though, more are still needed and are being expected, the important aspect is that, the government has shown concern and in some places, the foot bridges even have coverings to protect people from the scorching sun or even rain while crossing from one point to the other.

However, who cleans up the bridges? For a foot path that is used almost the whole day, the foot bridges gather dirt faster than most used roads. Except for the foot bridge before Lekki toll gate which seems to be the least used in the state, some of the foot bridges are indeed in uncleaned state.

The Oshodi foot bridges are really guilty of this! And one cannot help but understand the reason for this, as this axis receives perhaps the largest number of users of the foot bridges.

In some places, the cleaning of the foot bridges are left to the handicapped who use the opportunity to plead for alms for their daily meal.

Like the success that the Lagos state government is presently making in the area of cleaning the city roads, it will be good also, if the government allocates a unit that takes care of cleaning the foot bridges. This will also go a long way, to help towards general maintenance of the foot bridges.

pix: courtesy naij.com


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