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Thursday, 2 September 2021

'Calypso tokens' by Supermoon, takes over digital currency

... Gains applause with African investors

* Above: Calypso tokens billboard adorns Times Square in New York

By Paul Ukpabio

The world is certainly experiencing a digital revolution which started long before the Covid-19 plague. But no thanks to the pandemic, digital currency, is not just silently taking over, but also becoming more and more relevant than ever.

In the wide cryptocurrency market place, a new number of products come to play but most attractive in recent times is the debut of Calypso Token: The NFT Token By Supermoon, which is making waves across the world like wide fire.

With the rise in crypto, the Supermoon ecosystem recognised and came up with a huge project to bridge the gap between centralised and decentralised economies by providing essential financial tools. Calypso tokens provides one of a kind NFTs which can be purchased using $CYO.

"Apart from having a platform for finance, what is necessary for a relatively new age of digital coins is a community. 

As such, "Supermoon focuses on creating a community for social networking of crypto enthusiasts and experts. It has also brought in entertainment opportunities and formulas for wealth generation. Supermoon also supports charities and other causes, one of which is space exploration projects."

Interestingly like the recent revolutions across the world, this product has been created by youths, and among them, a Nigerian.

"Calypso is described as support currency in the Supermoon Lunar-system. Calypso’s main purpose is to undertake all NFT related aspects of Supermoon, this includes being the central currency at the heart of the Claypso-Market NFT Marketplace, allowing users to mint NFT’s using Calypso. While doing this, Calypso also rewards it’s holders with passive BNB dividends and feeds back into Supermoon through automatic buys which help create a continuously rising price-floor for the Mother token," said one of the creators."

But how does it work?

According to the creative team, "Calypso is developed by an expert team that has been in the business for years. It is fully Doxxed and the team does not own any team tokens. Along with receiving static rewards in BNB, the Calypso token holders also receive through automatic buy-back policy which is built into the contract. Every single buy/purchase on the platform is taxed 12% and every single sale is taxed 15%. A portion of those taxes is distributed to all the members holding the token. Since the tax on selling is higher than the tax on buying, every time a sale happens, crypto holders get more benefits with BNB dividends. Every time a sell happens, the buyback process automatically buys back Calypso tokens. For every sell order, there is be a buy order."

So juicy! And that's really what sets Calypso tokens apart from others. And the reason it is fast trending across the globe.

As the Calypso tokens team sets for Africa and Nigeria, we cannot help but wish the team more fruitful grounds.

Meanwhile, what we hear about this product and team is indeed grand as top investors in Nigeria which is Africa's biggest economy, has already embraced these youths and their product.

More details at: https://supermoon.finance/calypso

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