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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Nigeria Skits Industry Award Holds October 3

By Emmanuel Ajibulu

Stakeholders of the Nigeria Skits Industry Awards [NSIA] have officially set aside Saturday, October 3, 2021 to honour, reward celebrate and recognize social media comedians who have pitched their tents in the production of skits on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other relevant platforms.

The auspicious and high profile event will hold in Lagos State, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria.

According to the organizers, these individuals have changed Nigeria's  entertainment land scape, and through these creative audio-visual presentations have further consolidated Nigeria's place in the Arts world and entertainment industry Africa.

The promoters of NSIA added that these Nigerians have been seen individually, watched and enjoyed in full display of their creative skills and talents, therefore it became necessary at a time like this to acknowledge, celebrate and reward them in the order of Cannes Film Festival, Grammy Awards, BET Music Awards, and so on.

Impressively, these emerging crop of young comics are leveraging social media to create video content that makes people laugh and learn many quality and timeless lessons. What initially started as a mere hobby is now turning into a lucrative business opportunity and more importantly it is now being used for education, advocacy, information dissemination, advertisment, social orientation, brand management and so on.

Through leaning on the very fast growing internet access across the continent, these comics are uniquely creating characters and acceptable/fascinating skits for their fast growing fanbase. They have made something out of nothing, made an industry out of sheer determination to survive well and earn livelihood legitimately, as well as representing the new face of entertainment, showing the "can do do spirit" and the "never say die" spirit  of Nigerians.

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