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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Esther Ajayi's church will turn Nigeria to a pilgrimage country - Iyalaje Oodua

... congratulates her for obeying God's commandment

By Paul Ukpabio

The Iyalaje Oodua, Chief Mrs Toyin Kolade has congratulated Pastor Esther Ajayi, founder, Love of Christ Generation Church for harkening to the voice of the Lord by establishing a grand  place of worship in Yoruba land, which is ' of spiritual and economic blessings to Yoruba land' 

Iyalaje Oodua described  the act as ' a sublime submission  and total obedience to God's commandment which depicted Mama Esther Ajayi as a reincarnation of one of the prophets and prophetess of old-time religion who listened and acted solely on divine instructions for the benefit of their generations and the globalisation of the gospel at their own expense ' 

Iyalaje Oodua who was engaged by journalists immediately after the grand opening of Love of Christ Generation Church in Lekki said that " obedience to a divine or spiritual order is not an easy task as it mostly behoves the hearer to abdicate his or her comfort zone for a blank promise based on faith '.

She  remarked  that ' However, each of the options has its reward both in physical and in spiritual realm  according to Deuteronomy 11:26-28 which sums it up that blessing is the reward for obeying  the voice of the Lord  while a curse is the consequence of the refusal of the divine instruction  '
Iyalaje Oodua pointed out that ' we are all witnesses and partakers of the divine reward of Mama Esther Ajayi's obedience to God's commandment to leave London and move to Lagos, Nigeria, by the avalanche of eminent and distinguished personalities, strong pillars of the spiritual fortress in the world and men and women of means who are here today. It is an awesome testimony that whoever listens  and harkens to the divine voice will earn blessing not curse " 

She pointed out that the planting of the Church by Mama Esther Ajayi in Lekki and the relocation of its headquarters to Nigeria is not only a spiritual blessing to Yoruba land but an economic stimulus to Nigeria via religious tourism.
Iyalaje Oodua said Love of Christ Generation Church being opened today would turn Nigeria into another pilgrimage centre of the world as ' Mama Esther Ajayi 's spiritual light and divine calling is of  intercontinental relevance which  will lure millions of Christians all over the world to scramble to Lekki for spiritual guidance ' 

She said that " Olodumare is one and has no rival.  although the means of getting to him, mode of worshipping him and means of communication differs according to clime and climate. But the fact remains that either East or West , North or South, white or black,  tradition re  or orthodox religion,   Olodumare who is the decider of our fate is the controller of fortune, wealth and our being and we must worship him in whatever way we are inclined or tutored in faithfulness.'

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