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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Change Of Citizens’ Mindset, Key To Transforming Nigeria - Ighodalo, Others

Determined to bring the desired changes the citizens of Nigeria have been yearning for, stakeholders and change agents in the nation have called for transformation of the mindset of the citizens. Leading the call on Thursday at the Annual Lecture Series organised by the Institute of Change Management (ICM) in Lagos, themed:” Change Begins from the Mind - Breaking Barriers to Development Through Innovations and Change Mindset,” was Pastor Itua Ighodalo of the Trinity House, Lagos.

Ighodalo, who was the keynote speaker at the event, said that the only way to transform Nigeria is for Nigerians to begin to think of many positive ways of doing things and finding advantage in disadvantaged positions.

He lamented that Nigerians are being deprived of their rights because “our minds are not working yet.”

Calling for the establishment of the ministry of artificial intelligence to make life easy for the citizenry, Ighodalo said that any nation which does not embrace innovation, development and research is bound to fail.

He urged the leaders and citizens to strive to transform Nigeria to a country where honesty, equity and fairness reign supreme, adding that “Nigeria is too big to fail. We want the right kind of people running the affairs of this country.”

“We are going to transform Nigeria through conversations like this, letting you know that things are possible, that you are not slaves, that you have a right in your nation.

“The only thing that has value is what a man does for others and not what he does for himself. The soul and the spirit are the most important parts of the body and not the dust, the main body.

“We need to change Nigeria through conversations like this through educating people, enlightening their minds and informing them, and through use of technology. Changing the mindsets of the citizens is important to let them know that they have the right to rise up, and things will be okay. It’s time for us to rise,” Ighodalo said.

One of Nigeria’s problems is that people are not ready to die for the country, he said, adding; “If you can save Nigeria, you can save Africa and the rest of the world.”

The cleric, who restated his commitment to changing Nigeria, urged the citizens to be ready to give up a lot of things in order to make the desired changes.

President, Chairman-in Council ICM, Nath Osewelle, said the theme was apt, as “the mind is strong and too precious to be wasted.”

Osewelle lamented that Nigerians are where they are because “we have wasted our minds for too long, it is time to reawaken it.”

Making a clarion call for Nigerians to take control of their minds, Osawelle said: “Once we can take control of our minds, attune to it, then, everything will begin to fall in place. We need change no doubt and the only way we can do it is to begin by mastering our minds.

“Once we master our minds, I believe that things will be alright.”

Also, President and Chairman, Governing Council of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Olusegun Mojeed, lamented that the reason most Nigerians are afraid of change is that they do not want to lose the status quo.

He added that to make a change, the citizens have to be purposely or unintentionally uncomfortable.

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