Bishop Adebayo Babalola blows hot, says Oyedepo is right, sacked pastor, blackmailer - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Friday, 23 July 2021

Bishop Adebayo Babalola blows hot, says Oyedepo is right, sacked pastor, blackmailer

As the controversy on 40 sacked pastors by Bishop David Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel rages on, Island based front-line Bishop of Flaming Sword Ministries aka Chapel of the Overtakers, Bishop Adebayo Babalola has totally absolved Winners Chapel from blame in the sack saga.

According to Bishop Adebayo Babalola, the pastors were indolent and unfruitful and as such had to be shown the way out!

“Anybody that has a right to employ, also has a right to sack whoever he employs. The sack of the said pastors by Winners Chapel in my opinion, has nothing to do with Bishop David Oyedepo as a person. The sack was not personal. And in any case, if a university employs professors and the Vice Chancellor removes them, nobody will talk. But here, we are talking about the kingdom work of God, which is more superior, should incompetence be tolerated?” Bishop Babalola said and asked.

“I will think that if somebody is not good, and is an unproductive servant, an unfruitful servant, just the way Jesus Christ called them, then that person or persons should be removed as the case maybe.”

Asked if the sacked pastors productivity may have been affected by the global downturn of economies, which may be preventing people from attending church services as before, Bishop Adebayo Babalola had this to say:  

Bishop Adebayo Babalola

“I don’t know the details or yardstick which Bishop David Oyedepo and the Winners Chapel used in removing those pastors that were removed, but I can tell you without going further into debates that you could have just 3 members and it will be a proper church and you can a whole lot of members and it is not a functional church. The issue here is the fact that, are they productive? I saw the photo of one of the sacked pastors and he had this tie that looked like he wanted to commit suicide. I wouldn't want to retain such a person in my ministry if I was Oyedepo. He said it was a shame to the body of Christ, rather he the sacked pastor, that is a shame to the body of Christ. If Bishop Oyedepo was sluggish as he the sacked pastor, going about making noise over the body of Christ, would Oyedepo had got to where he is now? These people wake up and when they don’t have anywhere else to go, they suddenly think that the next place to go is to work in a ministry and they introduce blackmail when the founder of the ministry points out their indolence and other flaws."

Bishop Adebayo Babalola further said that, the uproar of the sacked Pastor already confirms that he is a blackmailer and his incompetence shows more from his outburst.

He advised that the church should beware of being bewitched by these kind of sacked pastors, who are trying to put people under fear because they are working in the house of God therefore nobody should criticize their incompetence. "Any founder of a church who cannot sack pastors working with him for their shortfall in productivity, has been bewitched. I was ashamed of such incompetent man that I saw . The church doesn't need such people coming out to disgrace the body of Christ, the church can stand on its own. Anyone administering a church must set positive standards. I want to believe that the sack was based on so many things and those pastors did not do well. They must have been wishy-washy pastors who thought that everything goes in a church. No, the church is a beautiful place to work but not for all sorts of drop-outs. Let the pastors go and find work elsewhere, not in a church which is meant for the best in the society," he added.

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