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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Runsewe: Plaudits and Endorsements across Board, By Frank Meke

If the sky is truely the limit to the aspiration of humanity, then we need to redefine the parameters of expectations of men who breaks the limit of the skyline inorder to leave behind legacies in socioeconomic and political circles across the globe. In other words, there should be limitless insightful and progressive templates, worthy of breakthroughs in all areas of human endeavours, supportive of notions that nothing is impossible to those who dare to conquer.

Otunba Segun Runsewe, Director General National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), falls within the aggregation and the very small inspiring community of leaders who sets records for self and call for duty beyond the sky limitation options.

Runsewe packs loads of faith and strength, enough to bestride and take up very challenging options and national assignments. He has the mentality of a tested army general, the likes that would fetch water from the brooks heavily guided by strong opposition enemies, men with grasshoppers disposition and recluses to change.

At NCAC, and as he did in Ntdc many years gone bye, Runsewe came to work every day in the past four years, with different colours of socks, each to soak up sweats of passionate and focused Cultural economic deliveries. Noted for mentoring minders of same focal strength, this detribalized Nigerian, born in the crocodile city of kaduna, hardly fails to register his unapologetic presence as a bulldozer of impossibilities.

Unmindful of the thoughts and gossips of simplistic minds who sees and belittles   every change of Operational realities as " no be so we dey do  am", Runsewe plunges where average men fear to trade.

Take for instance, the rebranding the iconic National Festival of Arts and Culture (Nafest), celebrated before he came to NCAC as " naming ceremony" affair. 

In four years, the iconic national festival had  become the true face of Nigeria's Cultural strength, with its socioeconomic potentials laid bare for all to see.

From kaduna to Rivers, Edo, Plateau and Ekiti loading come November, the massive presence of our diverse tongues and culture, were on strategic display, opening vista of collaborations with federating states, private sector, changing the climate of doom and hatred against the nation and people, certainly confused about age long tales of the moonlight that Nigeria has got nothing to offer to the world.

To the world, he sold the vision and aspirations of a Nigeria, big enough to champion the change of negative  image of african nations as land of crisis and impossibilities through the International Arts and Crafts exposition (Inac). This multi national Cultural tourism assembly became the platform for global Cultural Communities  to learn and mingle with the best in Africa, not only in Nigeria. INAC under Runsewe  became the wave bearer of the richness, diversity of the often maligned african Culture and indigenous Arts.

Before it became the lexicon of Operational rural development iniative across other agencies,  it is to the credit of this unassuming servant of the Nigerian government and people, that the people, the rural poor were brought into the equation of national growth through empowerment schemes. 

To Runsewe, a Cultural tourism engagement and revival without the people in view and at the forefront of  the realities, is like fishing in a fishless waters. He knew that skills acquisition would make the rural poor, contributors to national development and pivot of sustainable future benefits, so at each Nafest outing, every Nigerian, particularly the the girl child and women are on top target for Cultural derivables and deliveries centred on skills that can put food on the table.

Runsewe had always counted the nation and her people first in his gladiatory work and walk. No doubt, both locals and foreigners believes that the President Mohammandu Buhari has made one of the best decisions not only to appoint Runsewe to revive the culture sector but to renew his mandate for another four years. 

The endorsement and Plaudits for the presidential announcement and approval was earth shaking as it  was pleasantly received across the divide of the industry.  Professor OJO Bakare, was more than excited by the fresh mandate given to Runsewe to consolidate on the good work done at NCAC.

Professor OJO Bakare, One of the top industry leaders and Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Ekiti  told me that he has always believed Otunba Segun Runsewe would return to NCAC

"He worked hard and I know the reward for hard work is more work. He has worked hard for our sector, so let him  work more. We appreciate the president and the minister for the support and confidence" prof OJO stated.

Soji Amusan, former President of National Association of Travel Agencies (NANTA) and a notable travel trade and aviation influencer, disclosed that Runsewe personified passion and enthusiasm beyond measure, so deserving the recall to duty to finish the good work he has started at NCAC.

"It is not difficult to reason that Runsewe has got the presence and abilities to change the narratives of the Nigerian Cultural economy. He did it gloriously  at Ntdc and more ever , done same thing at NCAC. He is one of the few government appointees that one cannot question his love and dedication to nation building." Veteran Amusan explained.

To Nkerewuem Onung, Acting President, Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Runsewe is an embodiment of hope and faith to an industry clearly misunderstood from the beginning.

" We thank president Buhari and Lai Mohammed for the trust to bring him back and finish the good work he started. Runsewe no doubt brought light to the Culture economy and we in the private sector rejoice that he is rewarded for standing firm on the side of the industry and people of Nigeria. Am sure, Africa and the the diplomatic community who witnessed and were part of his success story in the past four years, would trust government in its Cultural pronouncements and positions." Mr Nkerewuem onung emphasized.

To Susan Akporiaye President National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies ( NANTA), Runsewe is the road map to the actualisation of the Nigerian Cultural tourism dream.

"Runsewe physical and spiritual body language tells of his deep love for the work he is appointed to do and to which he has done, will do in his usual ways and that includes making Practitioners the  focal attention of his mandate. We at nanta rejoice at his come back and we know he would surprise us more with more achievements and support." Mrs Akporiaye noted.

To the media watch team, Runsewe certainly scales up above his contemporaries. John Omololu, President of Association of Nigeria Travel journalists, believes it would have marked a dooms day for the industry if Runsewe was not mandated to continue.

"He is  the best administrator and champion of change in the culture tourism sector. Runsewe held on well, filled the missing gaps, reached out to everyone and provided leadership. As media watch team in the sector, our jobs were made easier because you feel his pulse on issues and can be reached without unnecessary protocols. His come back means that the president loves us and I must thank the Honourable Minister, Lai Mohammed for the support" Mr omololu further explained.

Gani Tarzan Balogun, President, Association of Tourist Boat Operators and Water Transporters (atbowaton), believes that Runsewe renewed mandate will bring greater glory to the industry.

"Runsewe certainly deserve this positive nod from the President and joy of it all, is that everyone including those who does not like his face agreed that he is the best man for the job. He really worked hard and at each point, he would call stakeholders to appraise the job he  has done and offer advice. He truely wanted Nigeria to be the center point Africa Cultural tourism revival and with the right Support from the President, National Assembly, the Minister and the practitioners, Runsewe will take us across Jordan. Mr Balogun stated.

To us here, we share in the sentiments and endorsements, appreciating the support of the President and Minister Lai Mohammed, for shaking off uninformed pressures to give the nod to this uncommon Nigerian, a man of guts and grits, a Cultural tourism evangelist who takes no captives and a bulldozer.

May God guide your path as you mass out again to serve nation and people of Nigeria, Africa inclusive in the next four years.

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