After 19 years, Temilade and Adebanji, rekindle love with Posh Traditional wedding - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

After 19 years, Temilade and Adebanji, rekindle love with Posh Traditional wedding

By Sammy Hassan

An age old rite was carried out, at the simple and classy traditional wedding of Temilade and her beau, the spritely pastor and writer, Akinola Adebanji Clement last Saturday in Lagos.

For the lovely couple, it was 'a double celebration' as the event took place on their nineteen anniversary.

The event took place at the Vinchee suites a posh hotel tucked in the heart of Maryland. The ceremony was ensconced in one of the royal suites that comfortably accommodated the select guests, garbed in traditional attires in the official colours of peach and magenta as specified by the invitation. 

The event had two famous female MCs, who spoke in Yoruba, invoking the customs and spirits of Yoruba ebullience, sprinkled, with the skillful oration in English, spoken in educated tones. 

The groom was first to dance energetically into the arena as the ceremony continued. The classic 'dobale' that defines the Yoruba culture of respect at traditional marriage ceremonies, took effect and intermittently, the Secretary of the event would pass round a basket for a quick offering reminiscent of a more Pentecostal tradition. 

The bride’s entry was dramatic as she glided on dainty dance steps, her face beautifully made up and the outfit as beautiful or more beautiful than anyone else’s. 

The wedding ceremony was well organized and took a few hours. The food was a 3- course affair. The best amala was served, a choice of party rice and meat and chicken was on the menu, small chops dish was the advance and assorted drinks flowed all through the event. 

At the end a letter was read and displayed, photos were taken and the final act was the goody bag distributed that included a Christian book authored by the husband. 

The couple had great fun and you could see love sparkling in their eyes as they admired each other. It was a lovely affair and a memorable day for the couple and their choice guests. 

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