A Tribute to Sir (Chief) Dr. Kensington Adebutu on his 85TH Birthday – By Bashorun J. K. Randle - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

A Tribute to Sir (Chief) Dr. Kensington Adebutu on his 85TH Birthday – By Bashorun J. K. Randle

The celebrant has always been a goal-getter. Hence, it is no surprise that on his 85th anniversary, he has already secured the best birthday present he could wish for, namely ruddy good health and the abundant blessings of the Almighty in addition to the love of his wives and children among whom are a set of twins who are only ten years old.


Beyond his worldly endowment – fabulous wealth, numerous chieftaincy titles (both spiritual and temporal) he has nailed his mast to the demonstration of goodwill to all and malice to none.


It is self-evident that his generosity of spirit knows no bounds. Indeed, it is circumscribed by his benevolence which has crystallized into humongous philanthropy – especially in the field of education and health which dwarf his intimidating gifts to churches and mosques in almost equal dimensions. What is even more remarkable is that the celebrant’s compassion is not of recent vintage. Rather, it goes way back to his humble beginnings when he faced the storms of life and eventually triumphed.


For a man who is a business mogul as well as titan in various spheres of human endeavour, what has endeared him to all are his humility and amiable disposition together with his great sense of humour plus his generous support for sports.


His monumental achievements have propelled him beyond the boundary of Nigeria to the international arena where he has been accorded the respect and recognition which he rightly deserves as a rare gem.


May he continue to prosper and flourish as he embarks on a journey that promises even greater glory and a more bountiful harvest.

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