Gov Ohakim denies ThisDay publication, says it is false, defamatory and injurious - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Gov Ohakim denies ThisDay publication, says it is false, defamatory and injurious

Former Governor of Imo State, Governor Ohakim is currently blowing hot over supposed false allegations, he said has just been spuriously made by a woman Ms Amuchinwa, who he called to be arrested many months ago.

According to a statement made by Emmanuel Chukwu, the Political Adviser to Dr Ikedi Ohakim, Ms Amuchinwa’s various false claims through a publication in This Day newspaper yesterday, presented herself as a “businesswoman”, but did not state the nature of her enterprise and her business address, if any. And to be sure, Ms Amuchinwa had filed this counter-petition as an afterthought to an ongoing investigation of her criminal conducts towards Dr Ohakim, based on a Petition Dr Ohakim had filed against her and upon which she was arrested as far back as 20th January, 2020, seven clear months before she was recruited to file her false Petition.”

Emmanuel Chukwu further stated that, Ms Amuchinwa purportedly mentioned in the publication that she supplied luxury goods worth N110m to Dr Ohakim, but she did not state the exact nature of these goods, evidence of request for the goods, acknowledgment receipt and the address of transaction. And why invoices are in foreign currency, especially in Euros when she does not have any shop in Europe.

“In claiming to have made N500m payment to Dr Ohakim for purchase of land, she dishonestly left out whether such was made through the banking system. As a matter of fact, if such payment ever existed, it is very easy to track money trail through the banking system. Did she make the payment in cash, foreign currency or how really? Even at that, N500m is certainly a huge sum, so she certainly would require a large bullion van making multiple trips to convey such quantum cash.

“Ms Amuchinwa’s Petition constitutes a disingenuous lie concocted from the pit of hell. Dr Ohakim will therefore go to any length and vigorously prove his innocence and ensure that an unconscionable blackmailer/defamer is brought to justice alongside her enablers and co-conspirators. If she had gotten away with blackmail in the past, now she has met her waterloo.” Emmanuel Chukwu added.

The upcoming days are certainly going to be interesting as Emmanuel Chukwu assures that former governor Dr Ohakim would not let the matter die down as “it is an elaborate and audacious scheme by Ms Amuchinwa, currently a criminal suspect to blackmail, extort and otherwise defame his person.”

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