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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Sad end, as woman with mysterious shoes dies after 7 years of Pain and Suffering

Elizabeth Akande an ex staff of Bell's University in Otta, Ogun state, who was in pain and suffering or 7 years, through a mysterious injury she sustained after wearing a lost but later found shoe, has finally died.

She died few weeks ago in Lagos, from the excruciating pain that oozed out the sore mysterious leg injury that refused to heal after medical intervention and spiritual intervention.

To many who knew Elizabeth Akande, it was finally an end to the mystery of the leg injury and the excruciating pain that she had to go through on a daily basis. And as at the time of her death, we hear that her leg was a terrible eyesore. And we hear also that many were relieved that she had finally gone to rest.

Until her encounter with the mysterious leg injury, Elizabeth was a happy beautiful young lady with a husband, good job as a Secretary, and happy parents. She lost all in the cause of her 7 years travail.
Elizabeth’s bad luck story started in 2013, when she returned home one day and couldn’t find a particular shoe she was fond of wearing. 

She told us she loved the shoe. She felt someone must have stolen it. She searched for it but couldn’t find it. Elizabeth Akande gave up the search. However, she returned from work 3 weeks later to find the shoe at her door at home. Filled with excitement at the discovery of her lost shoe, she slipped her feet into the pair of shoes. But that was when her travails began.

"I hit my right leg with the left shoe and a wound appeared. It became a mysterious wound as her legs became swollen.” It sure sounds like a fairy tale, but that was the reality of Akande’s life.
 “I immediately went to the clinic where the spot was treated and I was given tetanus injection. The next day, the wound had enlarged, I was told to run some tests. I was diagnosed okay. But days later the wound deteriorated.”

But rather than heal, Akande’s problems had just started as the wound ate deep into her skin leaving bare a huge sore. It became very alarming when it spread further across the leg. “I went back to the hospital where I was told that I should go to a specialist medical centre in Owo, at Ondo state. I was admitted, the wound was dressed, but at the end of it all they couldn’t stop the spread of the sore wound. All they could do was to keep cleaning the sore.

Meanwhile the pain increased by the day. She said all the while she had been living on pain killers.” The hospital eventually suggested that the way out of the matter would be a plastic surgery. But ofcourse by this time, Akande had lost both parents who had been her major support. She was retrenched by the university on August 2015 as she had stopped work because of the stench of her wound. And as if that was not bad enough, Akande’s husband abandoned her in her plight and took off.

Same 2015, she was referred to the Orthopedic hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, where it was said that she will be treated with skin graft. Suddenly she was told to bring N3.5m which ofcourse increased her woes!

Until her death, Elizabeth Akande lived in pain and suffering with sore wounds that had chop off the skin of her legs.
May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

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