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Saturday, 18 July 2020

Retired members of Nigeria Armed Forces, ready for showdown with Fed. Govt

... with a nation wide protest

These are certainly not easy times for members of the Coalition of Concerned Veterans (CCV) and they are determined to show their grievances against the system after waiting with unfulfilled endless hopes.
According to Amb. (Dr) Oamien Roy Okhidievbie the National Secretary of the Retired Members of Nigeria Armed Forces (REMENAF), the miltary veterans who hitherto chose to trudge the pact of negotiations and deliberations to secure approval for the numerous heartless infringement on veterans constitutional rights, have given up on such peace process and have therefore decided, to take the bull by the horns.

"In a situation where the National economy has now been mushroomed into private gardens of a selected few, unfortunately, serving officers  and men of the Armed Forces look on desolately to our condition, and wonder about our lives and destination? How demotivating?" Asked one of their members.

"In the melee of the current political football games in Nigeria, everything that does not score is pushed aside, inclusive of our veterans plight. Unfortunately, daily, the decay and depreciation of our military, superiority and capability, keeps making a downward dive!" Said another, as he continued.

"Monies are being pumped into restructuring the military and equipping the troops all to no avail. The decay and decadence has eroded confidence which invariably reflects in the combat weaknesses observed today. Oh dear! What a National slap! So we are embarking on a nation wide peaceful protest and I must tell you, we have presence in the 36 states of the Federation. It will be massive and total."

According to a message from Sedisyne Abiodun Durowaiye-Herberts, the CCV Spokesperson, a

date is being set by the Coalition Of Concerned Veterans, for this purpose.

"All the Veterans bodies in Nigeria made up of all the rank and file, from a Private to a General. We will strategically produce an organized, responsible and effective peaceful protest that the country has never seen before. All government security agencies that will be  dispatched to monitor this event must act with decorum and respect for us, the highest and most lethal component of our National security architecture," informed the Spokesperson.

"We call on Nigerians to pray for us and provide water and snacks in every state of the federation you see our representatives for we don’t know how many days we shall be on the streets! This injustice is the birth of the insecurity you see today!" 

"We once again implore the government to respect this as an olive branch and respond with the only language necessary at this juncture, bank alerts for outstanding payments of our constitutional rights in backlogs plus the review and implementation of the debarment allowance to favour all!" He added.

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