A national conversation: Mapping Nigeria’s response to Covid-19 - Bashorun J.K. Randle - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Thursday, 11 June 2020

A national conversation: Mapping Nigeria’s response to Covid-19 - Bashorun J.K. Randle

When one considers the line-up of speakers as well as the topic of our discussion, we should have every reason to be optimistic regardless of the ravages of the Coronavirus pandemic.
However, alas, going by the cynicism that is so prevalent on social media, many of our fellow citizens have reached their own conclusions. They have made up their minds and they do not wish to be confused with facts, science, figures, data or whatever. As far as they are concerned, the usual suspects are up to their old tricks – deception, subterfuge and false expectations.

Regardless, we must not be discouraged even when the prophets of doom and catastrophe insist that it is gratuitous and over indulgent to focus on only one virus when we are simultaneously contending with several others. On the alternative list are:

i.) The debt virus
ii.) The corruption virus
iii.) The injustice virus
iv.) The shredding of the social fabric virus
v.) The collapse of the value system virus
vi.) The trust deficit virus

Most devastating is the allegation that the mighty and powerful have turned the Coronavirus pandemic into an enterprise or franchise for their own gratification at the expense of the weak and the poor. Now we are all victims of Coronavirus fatigue!!

According to our detractors, it is all an elaborate plot and diversionary tactic by the oppressors who have directly and vicariously inflicted massive rot and decay on the health sector and by extension, the education of the masses. It is like being on a bus where those who occupy the front seats are very comfortable but by the time you get to the back of the bus, the passengers are moaning: “We cannot breathe”.

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