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Friday, 29 May 2020

Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi: Out of office, but still performing wonderfully

Many lawmakers have come and gone, but  the likes of Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi is very rare. He is like putting ones best foot first.

Inspite of being out of office, he is adding a boom to people's lives and keeps on putting a smile on the sunken faces of the people. He still keeps up with bettering the lives of his people.

A leader of his calibre is not easy to come by in a society where an election like James Bernard says "Is simply  a one day snapshot of transient mass delusion".

He is not like other conventional politicians, he is a God sent to his constituents, building a platform on a firm an unchanging truth. And it's no surprise as there were jubilation among qualified market associations/groups/societies when they finally got the cash support as well as interest-free revolving loan as promised by the Okanlomo of Ibadan Land, Sen. Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi; sometime in November/December 2018.

The distinguished Senator who was at the time a serving lawmaker representing Oyo South senatorial district invited various market guilds who are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with a minimum of six (6) months running account on their names to come with their verifiable documents for screening in his office; to ensure their eligibility for the cash support as well as being a beneficiary of the interest-free revolving loan to be made available for them. The senator was not  just building a sandcastle,he  really put his consitunents in his heart.

Of the twelve (12) Associations who came on board, only 8 were unquestionably qualified while others were given the opportunity to tidy up their documents, perfect it and make it more presentable.

A couple of meetings were held afterwards and the unqualified ones who took it with a pinch of salt, were flat out wrong, they failed to attend the meeting again!

Moving on after the general elections in which the Senator lost, he still ensure to keep up with his promise as his fate at the polls did not stop him from giving out the cash support as well as pushing for the interest-free revolving loan for the qualified eight (8).

He  tided over the process, as a caring leader and their names were listed in the appropriation bill which the Presidency signed and became the 2019 budget where they got listed for the interest-free revolving loan.

The process became a stark reality and up to date about 100 million Naira has been released for cash support and interest-free revolving loan for these Associations, to wit:

1. Ibadan Industrial Agric Machinery Spare Parts: 08122025364.
2. Labaowo Ogunpa Market: 08077566623
3. Nigeria Society of Professional Tailors: 07069441474.
4. Mokola Ifesowapo CICS: 08068570332.
5. Mokola Al-Ameen CICS: 08050345886.
6. Apete Ibadan Albarka CICS:
7. Ifesowapo Motor Scraps: 08056444614 / 07057585526.
8. Plank Sellers Association of Oyo State: 08112958394.
9. Apete Ibadan Albarka 08053277126

The Agency in charge of the revolving loan is Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) and the duly commission paid to ferret- out the concerned Associations and the financial institution monitoring and making sure that the loan is 0.8% per month.


1.    Through Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi, about 100 million Naira has been injected into the local economy of Ibadan, Oyo South and Oyo State in general through cash support and interest-free revolving loan.Thereby  inflating the deflated souls
2.    The GDP of Oyo State will be slightly improved upon.
3.    Through this, Senator Akanbi was able to achieve redistribution of wealth which he has always been clamouring for.

How would you describe senator Akanbi? Drop your comments.

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