Covid-19 Not a Pandemic but a baby virus: VENEDI, Nigerian made drug to the rescue - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Covid-19 Not a Pandemic but a baby virus: VENEDI, Nigerian made drug to the rescue

Dr Paul Ojeih Jr, the first son of the late Prof Paul Olisa Ojeih the First MD and founder Of Iris medical foundation has been in the news in recent times, not just as an Alternative Medical practitioner with 22 years cognate experience in Phynto Organic Drugs and Herbalogy, but because Venedi the home made herbal cure of diseases, is ready to send Coronavirus packing!
“Iris medical foundation has a cure to the baby virus called Corona virus. The truth is, most researchers if they diligently understand Coronavirus will proffer solutions to it. It’s not a difficult virus to treat as a matter of fact, I refer to Coronavirus as a baby virus.  No virus is new. Man, lives with virus day in, day out,” Dr Paul Ojeih Jnr told this blog few days ago.

Dr Paul Ojeih Jnr
“Nothing new in virus: Coronavirus is not a pandemic hence I authored a write up called "Coronavirus the Pandemic that never Existed ".Even though that article was for a few intellectual friends somehow it leaked to the public and it went viral and while going viral, it was doctored, edited, and some other words were infused to sensationalize it’s words that were not mine.

"But in the end, the theme and core message was passed. Which is Coronavirus is not a pandemic. We need to understand what a pandemic means.”

“The word pandemic means confusion, chaos. What we have in Nigeria cannot be compared to what we have in the United states of America . For Example in New York we have a full blown pandemic. With fatalities hitting almost 6,000 New York has been brought to her knees. We have been fortunate but for how long?

“Corona virus should not give our people sleepless night. Iris medical foundation has a cure, a cure far better and stronger than that of Madagascar. Iris medical foundation’s VENEDI, ELIXIR, is the cure for Corona virus, and it is already registered by Nafdac.

“I need to make one thing clear, VENEDI Elixir is not a new drug it's older than my kids. Hundreds of thousands of people have used VENEDI ELIXIR in Nigeria and in the UK and in the United States and south Africa were Iris medical foundation had branches for over 10years.

“It's on record that the Aare,Ona Kakanfo, of Yorubaland  Otunba Gani Adams went to south Africa and screamed when he saw VENEDI Elixir being sold in Tambo Mbeki, international  airport, this is a veritable fact Otunba Gani Adams is still alive he can verify this.
“VENEDI is not a new drug people rely on it to treat viral infection complex drug resistant viral infection. Corona virus is not a match for Venedi Elixir.  The outstanding quality of Venedi Elixir is that it is a broad spectrum Viral drug.

"As a matter of fact our front liners involved in the fight against Coronavirus, need Venedi to boost their immunity and protect themselves. We follow the set guide lines set up by NCDC and our Ministry of health. We encourage every individual that calls us to go get their testing done and seek treatment from government approved hospitals and we ask them to call the lines.

"Still they will insist on using Venedi. We follow a structured regiment.  Have You Done Your Test what are your symptoms. Some individuals will tell you I don't have Corona virus .I just want to boost my immunity. Some Will Tell You I only have malaria and fever, but of course we know  they have it. Ours as life savers is to render help where ever we can.  I have said it countless times the cure to most deadly diseases is locked in nature, locked in organic drugs and pharmaceutical properties. It’s locked in alternative medicine.

"Madagascar a tiny island nation of 20million people have unfortunately blazed the trail in discovering a cure this would have been Nigeria.

"I still believe our able government led by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, is not relenting in seeking an indigenous cure. That Indigenous cure is VENEDI ELIXIR from Iris medical foundation," he concluded.

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